Not only the ignorant and superstitious mind creates many gods but also many devils and the mind itself makes them fight, makes them dance, makes god victorious, devils lose but finally makes mankind weak, helpless.
Many manifestos are meant to ‘satisfy’, ‘befool’, or ‘create unity for struggle’ for the various classes and sections of the society, divided into various religions, caste, nations, etc!
Mankind; basically the poor, the exploited; likes to believe (As per their mental makeup, based on the class they belong to) that if it prays to the god, bows in front of god, throws its ego and knowledge, begs god for forgiveness and riches; the master or the god may fulfil the mankind’s wishes!!! This mental slavery is product of class divided society, like in Feudalism, the King was made by the god itself to rule the people!
End of class, end of present classes, the capitalist and the working class, will ensure free minds and such ‘creation’ will cease due the scientific & exploitation free material background and environment and scientific education!
Hereafter, there will be no manifesto needed but only the programmes for the future production of wealth & services needed by the people, further scientific exploration to discover the unknown mystery of the nature or the Universe , technologies to reduce the manual work! These programmes will also include sports, arts, spiritualism, entertainment, individual’s all round progress, etc.
Till then, we have the master manifesto, the Communist Manifesto, for the working class, the most advanced class in the evolution of the mankind and the last class, which will rule the society, before it destroys the exploiters, the capitalist class and itself for a classless society.
Any other manifesto for the exploited class will be extension of the quoted manifesto, keeping the existing conditions of a particular society to enhance the class unity & struggle, dialectically!

Quoting Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver hoxha is one thing and being a Marxist Leninist is another!
There are Marxists and there are Marxists, which leads to even Trotskyism, Titoism, Anarchism, Social democracy, etc. By quoting same paragraph, one deducts that now on electoral revolution will only succeed, while other deducts that only violent revolution will succeed!
In India and many other undeveloped countries, these Marxists conclude that we need Democratic revolution, while others are for Socialist revolution. These two different paths will decide which class to lead and which class to come in support during revolution. What should be immediate tactics and strategies.
This outcome may not be due sheer opportunism but even due ignorance, not able to grasp the law of revolution in totality.
What is to be done? Discussion in study circles, reading more, joining working class for practical, self criticism!
Comrades, get out of the shell we are in, out of philistinism. Right’s march, since the ‘retreat of rise of working class all over EU, US, Latin America and even Africa and Asia in 2008’ is painful. Fascism, not in its classical form, but in the latest one is already among us. US, Indian, Ukraine are the few examples.
Unity & struggle was the need for the proletarian revolution but now its is additionally needed for our very survival! Historical task of this revolution is crying loud enough to be heard even by the bourgeois apologists but what about us, the Left leaders, ideologues?

“Not a single great movement of the oppressed in the history of mankind has been able to do without the participation of working women.
Working women, the most oppressed among the oppressed, never have or could stand aside from the broad path of the liberation movement. This movement of slaves has produced, as is known, hundreds and thousands of martyrs and heroines. Tens of thousands of working women were to be found in the ranks of fighters for the liberation of the serfs. It is not surprising that millions of working women have been drawn in beneath the banners of the revolutionary movement of the working class, the most powerful of all liberation movements of the oppressed masses.
International Women’s Day is a token of invincibility and an augury of the great future which lies before the liberation movement of the working class.
Working women – workers and peasants – are the greatest reserve of the working class. This reserve constitutes a good half of the population. The fate of the proletarian movement, the victory or defeat of the proletarian revolution, the victory or defeat of proletarian power depends on whether or not the reserve of women will be for or against the working class.
That is why the first task of the proletariat and its advanced detachment, the communist party, is to engage in decisive struggle for the freeing of women workers and peasants from the influence of the bourgeoisie, for political education and the organisation of women workers and peasants beneath the banner of the proletariat.
International Women’s Day is a means of winning the women’s labour reserves to the side of the proletariat. Working women are not only reserves, however. They can and must become – if the working class carries out a correct policy – a real army of the working class, operating against the bourgeoisie.
The second and decisive task of the working class is to forge an army of worker and peasant women out of the women’s labour reserves to operate shoulder to shoulder with the great army of the proletariat.
International Woman’s Day must become a means for turning worker and peasant women from a reserve of the working class into an active army in the liberation movement of the proletariat.”
– J.V. Stalin, “1925 International Women’s Day Address”

“Marxism is the science of the laws governing the development of nature and society, the science of the revolution of the oppressed and exploited masses, the science of the victory of socialism in all countries, the science of building communist society. As a science, Marxism cannot stand still, it develops and is perfected. In its development, Marxism cannot but be enriched by new experience, new knowledge — consequently some of its formulas and conclusions cannot but change in the course of time, cannot but be replaced by new formulas and conclusions, corresponding to the new historical tasks. Marxism does not recognize invariable conclusions and formulas, obligatory for all epochs and periods. Marxism is the enemy of all dogmatism.”

J. Stalin

My ambition was to liquidate communism, the dictatorship over all the people. Supporting me and urging me on in this mission was my wife, who was of this opinion long before I was. I knew that I could only do this if I was the leading functionary. In this my wife urged me to climb to the top post. While I actually became acquainted with the West, my mind was made up forever. I decided that I must destroy the whole apparatus of the CPSU and the USSR. Also, I must do this in all of the other socialist countries. My ideal is the path of social democracy. Only this system shall benefit all the people. This quest I decided I must fulfil.

I found friends that had the same thoughts as I in Yakovlev and Shevernadze, they all deserve to be thanked for the break-up of the USSR and the defeat of Communism.

World without communism is going to be much better. After year 2000 the world will be much better, because it shall develop and prosper. But there are countries which shall try to struggle against this. China for one. I was in Peking during the time of the protests on Tienanmen Square, where I really thought that Communism in China is going to crash. I sternly demanded of the Chinese leadership that I want to speak to the protesters, but they did not allow me to do so. If Communism would fall in China, all the world would be better off, and on the road to peace.

I wanted to save the USSR, but only under social democracy rule. This I could not do. Yeltsin wanted power, he did not know anything about democracy or what I intended to do. We wanted the democratic USSR to have rights and freedom.

Then Yeltsin broke up the USSR and at that time I was not in the Kremlin, all the newspaper reporters asked me whether I shall cry? I did not cry, because I really managed to destroy Communism in the USSR, and also in all other European Socialist countries. I did not cry, because I knew that I fulfilled my main aim, that was the defeat of communism in Europe. But you must also know, that communism must be defeated in Asia also, to make the transition quicker to democracy and freedom in the whole world.

The liquidation of the USSR is not beneficial to the USA, since they have now no mighty democratic country (the former USSR) which I wanted to call the Union of Independent Sovereign Republics. I could not accomplish all of this. All the small countries now are thanking the USA for the help. I wanted the USA and the former USSR to be partners without the scourge of Communism, these could have been the ruling countries of the world. The road towards democracy will be a long one, but it is coming very quickly. The whole world must now defeat the last remnants of communism!

(This is from an interview by newspapers with Gorbachev in Ankara, Turkey where he was a guest at a seminar at the American University. It was published in the ‘Dialog’ newspaper in the Czech Republic. Courtesy: ‘Northstar Compass’, Toronto, February, 2000.)

My Comments:

I am not sure if Gorbachev really said this or its a cooked up story! As far as Gorbachev is concerned, he is an idiot and knows nothing of Communism and even Social Democracy (A form of capitalism), which he loves and wanted to establish in USSR!
USSR, which disintegrated, was an imperialist capitalist block; the process of capitalist restoration had started long back by his ancestors, viz, Khrushchev and gangs!
In a way, Gorbachev did right thing to destroy the veil of socialism that USSR wore. Yes, the multi-polar world changed into single-polar for a brief period and the working class had to suffer more than before.
The revolt against capitalist exploitation is palpable and Stalin is rising again, the proletarian revolution is not far in the future!!

Wonder if all the ornamental terms used against Trotsky were really used by Lenin! Yet, this article is great kick to the trots, who will still remain loyal to the renegade!
Salute Lenin & Stalin, the great leader of the world working class. Long live revolution!

Trotsky’s ideas are distortions of Marxism and have led to no socialist revolution, no revolutionary movement even, and have had no practical success because of the fatal ideological flaws of…

Source: Trotsky the Anti-Communist

Stalin: It is said that in that “will” Comrade Lenin suggested to the congress that in view of Stalin’s “rudeness” it should consider the question of putting another comrade in Stalin’s place as General Secretary. That is quite true.
Yes, comrades, I am rude to those who grossly and perfidiously wreck and split the Party. I have never concealed this and do not conceal it now. Perhaps some mildness is needed in the treatment of splitters, but I am a bad hand at that.
At the very first meeting of the plenum of the Central Committee after the Thirteenth Congress I asked the plenum of the Central Committee to release me from my duties as General Secretary. The congress itself discussed this question. It was discussed by each delegation separately, and all the delegations unanimously, including Trotsky, Kamenev and Zinoviev, obliged Stalin to remain at his post.
What could I do? Desert my post? That is not in my nature; I have never deserted any post, and I have no right to do so, for that would be desertion. As I have already said before, I am not a free agent, and when the Party imposes an obligation upon me, I must obey.
A year later I again put in a request to the plenum to release me, but I was again obliged to remain at my post. What else could I do?”

Socialist Musings

Joseph Stalin was elected as the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the CPSU in April 1922 during the 11th Congress of the Party. Between then and until his death, he asked to be relieved of his duties as General Secretary a total of four times — all of which were rejected.

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