“Even before Acharya’s address, the Finance Ministry had invoked Section 7 of the RBI Act that allows the government to call for consultations with the governor as a first step on issues of ‘public interest’.”
( From an article published in Indian Epress; worth reading! https://indianexpress.com/article/india/governor-his-governance-rbi-urjit-patel-5433021/)
Is Urijit Patel courageous & “independent” now to work as governor of RBI? He would know better, but we know that its akin to a child’s effort to break iron cage of fascism.
Wont he remember, the rising assassinations in our country, many have perished while resisting fascists, Judge Loya, Lankesh Gauri, Kalburgi are some examples! Those who were tamed, too, are examples of coercion, through CBI & other means, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav & even Mayawati are examples here!
But more important question is, are we heading for economic crisis?
Economic recession is inevitable in capitalism, but here is massive plunder of our public properties, our hard earned money in banks and even in our pockets due rising inflation, corruption, monopoly pricing & taxation.
And all this to take care of RSS/BJP propaganda machine, their lavish 7-Star lifestyle, Z-Cat security to every Tom, Dick & Harry, stacking our money in foreign banks, waiving off unpaid taxes & loans of the big capitalists, loot by the spouses and children of these criminal parasites, rising election expenses, where voters are being bought, etc, etc!
Comrades, do not be overjoyed that RBI governor, or CBI Director, or CJI, etc are speaking against RSS/BJP government, as they are whispers and not revolt!
Revolt to defeat fascists is possible only through the united actions of the working class, peasants under the leadership of a revolutionary party!
Defeating fascism is not full task in itself, but a semi column, where where the revolutionary party must give call to its cadre and supporters, the working class to bury capitalism, mother of fascism and all evils and establish socialism, so that the reversal to present economic, social and political order is made impossible!

via Trotsky the Anti-Communist

To read the full report, use this link: https://gritpost.com/un-paper-capitalism/?fbclid=IwAR36-F_D87uug4nkKLbsYuBWw952Nw-V4PLIqyWVZ_pT5YgkaaOyu262GSc


Capitalism is moribund, parasitic, in ICU and is awaiting burial. But, what may come, including destruction of the Earth, destruction of the productive forces en mass, it won’t die on its own.
Revolutionary party of the working class has to perform this historical task.
Nonetheless, in recent times, we are noticing the desperation among the top oligarchs, imperialist agents and organisations, bourgeois ideologues accepting the fact that the present economic, political, social order is heading for a disaster.
This is due reality which they are able to appreciate and most probably it’s close to a qualitative change, crossing the “Critical velocity” or “Point of no Return”!
They have the data & analysis, which is worrying them, and probably we are not aware of that, but still able to appreciate the impending danger.
Also, must remember, these criminal parasites won’t go till abolition of Private Property and common ownership of the means of production to bury capitalism and establish socialism. Their maximum reach is Social Democracy, more taxes on big capitalists and more crumbs to the working class.
As I said, it’s our historical task to strengthen the revolutionary party in our respective countries, based on Bolshevism, train and unite the proletarian class and other exploited classes, as allies, lead them to a relentless class struggle, till the hegemony of the proletarian class is established. From here on wards, we build socialism.
This is the only path to save humanity and it’s habitat, the Earth.
Long live revolution!

Sadly what is stated is true but same time sadly the Protracted War has failed in India as well as in Philippines, etc!
In fact, the protracted war is unlikely to be successful as it cuts off the mass initiative, the leading role of the working class, which is basically in urban India, mines, industries, etc.
It is also marred with traitors, state agents, fratricide and result is dwindling of its cadre as well as leaders, its fighting capabilities.
So called Urban Naxals are no solace, as we know few sympathises will not fulfil the need of mass movement & it is more of the propaganda by the fascists.
Time to rethink, back to classical ML ideologies, its implementation in capitalist India, re-constructing the party, where the proletarian class is in leading role with other exploited class as its allies.
Victory to the proletarian class!


Throughout the turbulent bend in the trajectory of the people’s war in India, many territories firmly held by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) were violently returned to the hands of the corrupt Indian state. The temporary return of “peace” to these areas, however, is no consolation to the masses of people who occupy them. Promises of “development” soon evaporate after their long-time absentee leadership returns to the constituencies, representing the hungry criminal gangs eagerly awaiting the go-ahead for the looting of formerly liberated zones.

Such is the fate of the Nallamala region in central Andhra Pradesh since the reactionary state forced the retreat of the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) from the region. According to a recent article from the Times of India, even those opposed to the CPI(Maoist) in the region have been brought to question the terms of this so-called peace. While away from their constituencies…

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“I talked with Mao and then suggested to Stalin that he receive him. He was a clever man, a peasant leader, a kind of Chinese Pugachev. He was far from a Marxist, of course–he confessed to me that he had never read Marx’s Das Kapital.”
Astonishing! But that was what Mao was all about & naturally that is what is all about Maoism!

The Espresso Stalinist

“How did you like Mao Tse-tung?

He offered us tea. And he talked about meeting Stalin and when it would be convenient….Stalin hadn’t received him for some days after he arrived. Stalin told me, “Go and see what sort of fellow he is.” He stayed at Stalin’s dacha Blizhniya.

I talked with Mao and then suggested to Stalin that he receive him. He was a clever man, a peasant leader, a kind of Chinese Pugachev. He was far from a Marxist, of course–he confessed to me that he had never read Marx’s Das Kapital.

Only heroes could read Das Kapital. When I was in Mongolia talking with the Chinese ambassador–he was nice to me–I said, “You want to create a metals industry quickly, but the measures you have planned–backyard blast furnaces–are improbable and won’t work.” I criticized the Chinese, and our people reproved me later. But it was such…

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Salute Enver Hoxha!

Other Aspect

We Must Firmly Oppose the Reactionary Tactics of the Capitalist and Revisionist Bourgeoisie With Our Revolutionary Tactics

From the Talk with a member of the Political Bureau of the CC of the CP of India (ML) November 14, 1970

 Thank you very much for undertaking such a long journey   and coming to meet us and talk with us here in Albania.  We are   a small   country     in   Europe   and members   of a Party which   is also small; you can appreciate what a great need we have for      consultations     with      our comrades    from    other   Marxist-Leninist parties.

We have a great and sincere love for the   great   and   ancient    Indian    people whose   rich   history   extends   over many centuries.    Your  people   have played  an important   role  in the history  of mankind and  we think   that  both  now  and  in the future  they  will  play an even greater  role in the  revolution.

Evil has…

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via 33. Enver Praises Mao (1973)


Difficult to give reasons for Enver Hoxha and Party of Labour of Albania to keep silence on Mao’s as well as CPC’s deviations, revisionism, till Mao was alive!

Yet, the contribution of PLA and its leaders, headed by Enver Hoxha in defending Stalin and thus defending Marxism Leninism is gigantic, especially seeing the size of Albania and its courage to keep the Proletarian flag high all alone in the world, which was captured by Imperialist camp!