Capitalism was superior compared to feudalism, the earlier system, when it took birth from feudalism (monarchy). It was progressive in initial days and as long as it was growing. But almost since last 100 years, its growth is stunted, and now it is fully rotten, has become barbaric & violent, and has lost all the progressive nature & slogans, it had earlier; like liberty, freedom, brotherhood, equality, freedom from superstition & ignorance, etc.

Now capitalism (that includes present economic, social, political, spiritual order) is rotten, it cannot use its own production capacity (now down to less than 65–60% in India), cannot give employment and basic subsistence to its workers, farmers, despite having more than required, cannot give education to all the children, the base to differentiate between beasts and humans, no proper health and accommodation services. What we have is terrorism, mob lynching, rapes, wars, deep rooted ignorance and superstition, despite science has become capable to discard the existence of god.

In short, capitalism has turned into diseased beast, which only medicine is profit, which is like bestial lust, can never be satisfied, in fact now impossible, as profit rate is dangerously down, facing chronic economic crisis. Only means is forcible loot of the people, public property, left over natural resources. Yet, capitalism (in its many forms; like state capitalism, crony capitalism, fascism, monopoly capitalism or imperialism, etc) cannot solve its contradiction.

The creation of Trillions of wealth is being accumulated into the hands of few and fewer persons, less than 100 on the earth, and the rest are getting pauperised, lacking even food and clothes to survive.

Therefore, now capitalism has turned into the worst system for the mankind to produce, distribute and rule the people, who are unsafe, hungry, unemployed but are in majority. The reason is the means of production being controlled by very few, and hence the production as a whole, which is social, is for profit and under the same few.

Socialism or its advanced form, capitalism, is a system, where the means of production becomes social, and hence the production and distribution, too, becomes social, and is no more for profit but for consumption. This obliterates unemployment and hunger like magic wand, through socialist construction, further as a result, the need for any “ruler” to divide the people in name of religion, caste, region, nation, gender is no more and a human being lives like a human and not as a wage slave.

Hence, communism or its initial stage socialism is any day better than capitalism!

Era of hypocrisy, communal divide, unscientific & illogical ideologies & activities! Ignorance and superstition. Discrimination based on religion, nationality, gender, caste, color, etc. Gigantic loot by capital. Pauperisation of the people.
Contradiction between capital and labor is at its maximum. Barbarism or savage days are revisited but in worse violent & complicated form!
If you are resisting against your “beastly life” for your own survival, its cowardice act, but worse, it is ineffective & only strengthens the enemy class, which has converted you in a wage slave!
Be part of mass resistance (which would demolish the base of all injustice, exploitation, atrocities) to smash #Fascism! #Imperialism!!
Only such movement, or revolution will ensure liberty & equality for the people and freedom from the worries of basic “means of subsistence”, leading to real democracy!!
There is a definite, visible panic in capitalist class, its ruling political parties, allies led by RSS/BJP!
Have a look at the hash tag trends, which is changing very fast, almost every hour on occasions; from cursing London & Trump, to POK & Fit India, supporting Baluchistan to Modi, etc by paid trolls, as per the directions from the above!
Same is happening on electronic as well as on print media! Even their actions on ground, from Kashmir to Assam (NRC), imprisoning opposition leaders, mob lynching, etc too have no more “desired” effects!
Their proven weapon, the social and print media, rhetoric and jingoism by their leaders, praise from “foreign masters”, etc is failing, almost evaporating in thin air, due Economic Crisis!
People, the unemployed youths, the workers need and demand better life supporting means; employment, better wages, education and health services, housing, least or no interference from the police and administration!
But it is not possible in capitalism, especially when economic growth is close to zero (not 5% as claimed by the government), and when the big capitalists are demanding higher return on their “investment” in RSS/BJP, other middle level goons, unsocial elements are demanding more commission, power and posts!
Bourgeois class is in deep trouble and is unable to meet even its own requirements and hence fleecing the reserves, from RBI, and that of the working class, peasants and not even its own government departments (Many are closing, like MTNL, and many are being sold, like Railway) and its pet (private) organisation, housing goons, unsocial elements and others.
But never think, these criminal parasites will ever give away the throne, due hardship, but will palm them off to the working class and the oppressed people, making them more miserable, will destroy the productive forces, public properties, natural resources and kill people, if “required”, due rise of mass resistance!
These measures are bourgeois solution, to preserve itself and keep its profit rate as high as possible and its own hegemony intact.
What is our solution? To demolish the parasite class, the capitalist class and establish its own hegemony, abolish wage slavery and construct socialism!!

In capitalist production, sole aim is profit. War & arm industry is also a business, yielding a high rate of profit!

US Armed Forces does practice and experiment with new weapons and ammunition, which creates toxic pollution, which is more than what 5 top US Chemical companies do!

This is merely one example. Another one is Amazon Jungle fire. Billions of tree are being cut for profit, indiscriminately!

In Socialism, production is done for consumption by the society, where forget about war, even oil and other minerals, ores are extracted with utter care to minimize toxic emission. No oil well will be left open to burn its gasses and spew the poison in atmosphere.

Remember, in Socialism, there will be no unemployment, in fact lazy people will be forced to work. As a result only 3–4 days/week will be working days and there will be no wastage of manpower in covering such used mines, oil wells, sewerage, outcome/wastage of factories and industries. Noise and air pollution will be minimized as the workers will not be forced to seek employment only in some metropolitan cities and public transports, with minimum pollution certificates will be used!

Similar will be in agriculture, where land’s fertility will not be destroyed for profit, like what Monsanto or other corporations do. Hunting animals for pleasure or even for food will not be allowed, meaning preservation of fauna and flora will be maximum. The depleting Ozone layer and ice glaciers will cease as Earth warming will stop!

The article will become too lengthy but I have tried to make it for the readers to think & investigate, rather take it for granted!!

Bhagat Singh was not a mere revolutionary who threw a bomb out of some misguided sense of self righteousness. He was well versed in Marxist ideas and wrote this letter to profess the theory of Communism to the masses. He trivialized the freedom struggle of Congress as a movement by the middle class shopkeepers and a few capitalists, as they can never dare to risk its property or possessions in any struggle. In the paragraph below he explained that the real revolutionary armies are in the villages and in factories, the peasantry and the laborers and the bourgeois leaders do not and cannot dare to tackle them.

“The sleeping lion once awakened from its slumber shall become irresistible even after the achievement of what our leaders aim at. After his first experience with the Ahmedabad labourers in 1920 Mahatma Gandhi declared: “We must not tamper with the labourers. It is dangerous to make political use of the factory proletariat” (The Times, May 1921). Since then, they never dared to approach them. There remains the peasantry. The Bardoli resolution of 1922 clearly denies the horror the leaders felt when they saw the gigantic peasant class rising to shake off not only the domination of an alien nation but also the yoke of the landlords.”

Bhagat Singh wanted a Socialist revolution as opposed to a mere transfer of State from the British to the Indians. He wanted a revolution of the proletariat and for the proletariat. He wanted economic liberty of the masses, and for that very purpose he was striving to win the political power. He emphasized the need to organize a military department which should be a political work of the party, not an independent body.

Long live Bhagat Singh!

Long live revolution!!

There are some posts on Social Media, cursing Modi for his misdeeds, which will have to be born by us for many years!
How unscientific & “cultist” thinking! Can we raise our thinking to that of “Class” level & against it’s oppression, at present very severe, by the ruling class against the working class?
Some of course, are able to raise their war cry against RSS & its various allies, some even broader, and give slogan of Congress, BJP Bhai Bhai!
But they fail (Or do so on purpose) to grasp the meaning of Class, Class divided society, which are enemy to each other, class consciousness & affinity and finally class unity. Class Unity for not entertainment but to resist exploitation by the class enemy!
Class vs Class!! Never before today, this concept was so clearly visible, despite efforts by the class enemy to divide us on flimsy grounds, like religion, caste, nationalism, gender, etc.
The real enemy is not one but many, who own means of production and form a class and exploit and even oppress, when needed, the working class. This exploitation and oppression varies in form but is similar in content.
Now, it is time for us, for the people who are against injustice, who are struggling against any form of oppression, to think, to identify the real enemy, be part of the class struggle and bury the base of the class divided society, private property or means of production!
March forward for a Socialist and a classless society!
Long live revolution!!

Murder of 44 CRPF Jawans, in Pulwama, on 14 Feb, 2019 is a shock to the Indian people.
What follows is, as expected, rise of jingoism, anti Pakistan slogans on social, electronic as well as on print media, call to do surgical & even air strikes, if needed full fledged war.
How tactically or strategically such counter measures would be successful against Pakistan, a nuclear power, is another question, but important question here should have been, why such terrorism and what is the solution, if any. By the way, surgical strikes had been carried out against the enemy targets, on regular basis, before Modi government, albeit without propaganda.
Before going into the question, it’s also important to understand, that terrorism or anti establishment armed movement can’t be defeated only militarily. Political, economic and social measures are necessary.
Terrorism, on a large scale, as a business, as a potent weapon against the enemy countries, as a doctrine, is creation of US imperialism. Taliban, “good” terrorists, as opposed to “bad” terrorists, ISIS, MB, etc are created, funded, armed and trained, and later sustained by the US, NATO!
Imperialism, the highest stage of capitalism, or monopoly capitalism, has reached cul-de-sac, where it’s rate of profit falls to zero, despite all legal and illegal means, where it is in chronic economic crisis, production level is down to 70-75% due lack of market. Natural resources, another field to create wealth & profit, are limited and under the control of the respective governments.
Only means left to it is outright plunder of the working class and peasants, resources of other nations, for profit. Land Acquisition Bill, in India and in the world, is one such of measures. Exorbitant prices of petroleum products & daily consumables, GST (On instruction of WB, IMF), demonetisation, & other taxes/surcharges, Bank’s rising charges, withdrawal of subsidy on education, health services and women’s security, vanishing public employments are few other examples.
So, the real enemy is capitalism or it’s various forms, like crony capitalism, state capitalism, social democracy, fascism, 21st Century Socialism, Chinese model market socialism, etc. It gives birth to regular economic recession; though in present era, it has become chronic, that is, the regular economic booms do not follow anymore, chronic unemployment, gigantic inequality, mass hunger despite astronomical accumulation of wealth, though in hands of few, ignorance and superstition, and terrorism and war!
Yes, we have known solution to capitalism and it’s devastating byproducts, including terrorism. And that is burial of capitalism itself and construction of socialism.
It further means, replacement of production, from in hands of few, for profit, by social ownership of production for consumption of the society, the producers and their families, burial of wage slavery. In other words, end of production of surplus value, end of parasitism.
The rise of jingoism, national chauvinism only strengthens capitalism or worse, it’s most rotten and violent form, fascism, and does hardly act to curb terrorism. It further, diverts the attention of the working class, the most advanced class in the history of the mankind, from its historical task to unite and struggle for the socialist revolution.
It’s duty of the people of both the countries, India and Pakistan, to recognise the real enemy, the bourgeois class and it’s political touts, unite and fight against it, establish socialism and free themselves from unemployment, ignorance, diseases, terrorism and war.

Yes, the new society, the Socialism, will not only be for the working people, including peasants, but even for the Sepoy, soldiers, teachers, people engaged in necessary services for the society, their safety & security!!