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British culture, democratic norms or even constitution is not stagnant and is guided directly by the production relation, status of circulation of products (Overproduction or not), social and political turmoil thereof.
This is universal for the mankind. One who sees it in stagnation, the present without its relation with the past and denying the future pregnant with changes, is nothing but philistine.
Present economic slowdown, recession since 2008 has “forced” finance capital, imperialist powers to smash all the “democratic” rights of the working class, peasants to plunder them outright, as the market, even with monopolisation, is unable to garner profit and grow!
The undeveloped countries are facing worse condition and rise of fascism (the most rotten form of capitalism), is discernible, like in India, Ukraine, Poland, etc!
The working class, peasants and other exploited sections of the society, world over, are pushed to the corner, where unemployment, poverty, reduced wages is common. And all this is in name of nationalism!
The resistance is also visible. Any call to protest is taken enthusiastically, be it Europe, Russia, Africa, Arab or Latin countries, India, etc. Millions of proletariat come out on road to denounce reform, which eventually is pro capital and anti labour, in form of cut in wages, labour laws, land acquisition, cut in people’s amenities, like education, health, public transportation and utilities, higher taxes, allow degradation of environment and to “counterbalance” waiving off billions worth unpaid taxes and loans of the big capitalists, financiers!
What we need is a unifying ideology and that has to be only a revolutionary one, which will guide/lead the working class to take over the power of few big elites to hire millions of workers and appropriate the surplus value and negate such privilege in future and thus destroying the base of all forms of exploitation, oppression of a man by another man!
And that is Marxist Leninist ideology!

The Sangha Kommune.


When I was young, we were taught at school that as we lived in a post-modern and affluent multicultural society, we had the moral and ‘legal’ right to choose our own identities, and to pick any aspect of any culture (or none) that suited the best way that we felt, expressed our inner ideals and values in the outer world. Although we were technically ‘British’, and possessed many different ethnicities (such as English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Indian, Chinese, or West Indian, etc), we had no ‘ideological’ notion whereby we ‘objectified’ our own identity, or related in any way to a racist ‘nationalism’ as professed by the far-right neo-Nazi ‘National Front’, or any number of its off-shoots or imitators. There was no need to emphasis our national identity (as we were ‘naturally’ the product of the prevailing culture), and we were not forced to relate to a ‘sterile’ notion of ‘Britishness’…

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Reformist election campaigns focus on trying to fix capitalism, a system that can’t be fixed!
Revolution is not series of reforms, however long and progressive that may be. And we need a revolutionary party for revolution!


Marxism-Leninism seeks revolution through organizing the working class & its reserve forces into a vanguard which acts as a front line & general staff of the revolution. This can be achieved through democratic centralism which combines the effectiveness of unity & discipline with democracy. Marxism-Leninism rejects loose disunited organizations & movements without leadership. Marxism-Leninism advocates leadership through example & guidance, by the most politically conscious members of the working class. If the party’s policies, tactics and positions are correct it will succeed in rallying support around it and to revolution.



Some people still idealize spontaneity and spontaneous grassroots movements. But such movements never lead to successful revolution. You need a popular mass movement, but you also need leadership and clear political goals. Without political consciousness these mass movements wither away and die and nothing changes, we’ve seen movements like this come and go a million times. Some people…

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“Describing the present economic situation as “unsustainable” and fearing the rise of “toxic nationalism”, Mr Varoufakis said governments needed to prepare for post-capitalism by introducing redistributive wealth policies.”
Having understood that capitalism is coming to an end because it has made itself obsolete. But what will replace it is not definitely what he formulates and advises the governments to introduce “redistributive wealth policies”!
Like any other Social Democrats, Anarchists, 21st Century Socialists, Liberals he fails to understand the Historical Materialism, what brought capitalism, what will replace it.
““So now there is no doubt capital is being socially produced, and the returns are being privatised” true but replacing capitalism in field of distribution/circulation or “returns to be distributed more humanly” is no solution!
And “This with artificial intelligence is going to be the end of capitalism.” No. This is philistinism, petty bourgeois outlook, which wants ‘democratic’ transformation of the present into the desired future. Liberals, pseudo intellectuals, who claim China to be a Socialist country, will love this but not the adherents of Scientific Socialists!
Friends, only a revolution, led by the working class, with other exploited classes, to dislodge the hegemony of capital and replace it by the hegemony of the working class, the direct producers will ensure end of all forms of exploitation of a man by another!
Beware of pseudo Socialists, they are as dangerous as capitalist henchmen!

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A cunning bourgeois leader, who wants to control the circulation or distribution, after the production is complete. He and the CPC have opened the production field to the big capitalists, including foreign MNCs. Billions worth public property were transferred to the individual capitalists “legally” and a very high GDP was achieved, not disclosing the miseries of the workers, becoming pauper. Production for profit is the norm in China today!
Stock market, “pride” of any capitalist country, is thriving in China. All the symptoms of a capitalist production is visible here; inflation, massive unemployment, poverty, economic crisis, corruption, gigantic inequality, wage slavery, hire & fire policy by the bourgeois owners, use of fictitious capital! Same time 100s of “Smart Cities” unoccupied, as there are no buyers, that is, over production!
I am sure, most of you are aware of these facts, so why am I enumerating these facts?
We have no direct link to the Chinese working class, but feel their pain, as they belong to our class. Same time, the treachery of CPC is visible, which claims to be adhering to Marxism, Maoism. Maoism, of course, was and is following deep revisionism. But, ironically, there are some comrades, who believe that socialism, that is socialised means of production, socialised production, exists in China!
Comrades, unless the production, that is, means of production is not completely under the control of the working class, socialism is not possible. Same thing can be say here again, that the wage slavery, a person’s “right” to employ another to expropriate Surplus Value is banned, private property is completely negated to form social wealth, socialism is impossible!
Socialism means complete detachment from capitalism, the production relation is reversed, nay, its negated to establish the hegemony of the proletarian class!
Will that not eliminate unemployment at a single stroke, where one or CPC does not have to eliminate over the decades. In fact CPC had been trying more than 6 decades to eradicate the capitalist evils, which is rising everyday, as the mother of all evil capitalism is not only live but growing!
Let us not be naive to believe that Social Democracy, 21st Century Socialism will bring about a revolution and establish socialism. Situation is worse that 1917, when we had Bolshevik Revolution, which of course was defeated by the Khrushchev and cliches treachery! They got ideological support from CPC, Tito, Anarchists, Trots, WSP and all other brands of “Socialism”, who despise the working class, its revolutionary party, its ascendency to state power and the dictatorship against capitalist traitors, in various sections of the society, open or hidden!
Our victory is a historical fact, cannot be undone. We have to achieve it politically and economically. Path is undiluted Marxism Leninism, building of a revolutionary party, uniting the working class and other exploited classes, struggle till we capture the state power, demolish existing bourgeois state machineries, if needed do away the leftover evils of feudal as well as capitalists evils, strictly develop socialist society! This task is needed the world over.
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!

Imperialist capitalism, its secret & hidden agencies, its apologists, ideologues have deeply penetrated into the communist parties, proletarian revolution. The governments of the third world countries are openly working on their instructions. The recent entry of Mossad in India is an example.
Devoiding Marxism of Leninism (Bolshevism) is to make this science, this potent weapon of the proletarian class stunted, absurd. This is to alienate the ideology with its action! And destroy or delay the impending revolution and give breathing space to moribund capitalism!
Its our immediate task to re-establish Marxism Leninism, uphold socialist building in USSR and other socialist blocks, differentiate between pre Stalin and post Stalin era, support the working class resistance world over and be part of this resistance and party building for the impending revolution!
Naturally, its our task to expose and defeat revisionists of all hue; the Trots, Titoites, Khrushchevites, Anarchists, Social Democrats, WSP brand and all other renegades!
Its our task to understand ML ideology in all aspect, in philosophy, in economics, in politics, in all its interconnections and be part of the movement to complete our historical task, the socialist revolution!
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!

Red Youth

From the 15th to the 18th of September, Red Youth attended the international “leftist” political festival in Paris, Fête de l’Humanité.

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Both the Right & Left Wing ideologies are product of the “need” of certain classes, that of the ruling and the ruled class.
Right wing ideology is needed by the rulers, their henchmen, by those who do not work but live off on other’s work. To live more comfortably, they need more profit, through appropriation of “Surplus Value”, created by the workers in a capitalist society.
While Left wing ideology is the need of the hard working population, which is in super majority, to fight back against increasing exploitation, falling wages, falling living conditions.
These opposing ideologies have different manifestations. In philosophy, Right advocates old, illogical, unscientific “idealism”, that is, it upholds idea as primary and matter secondary, supports creation of the universe. Naturally, Left is opposed to it.
In economy, Right is opposed to the scientific discovery of surplus value by Karl Marx, that is, the labourer creates all conceivable wealth. It without proof, advances the theory that capitalists create wealth, out of production realm, recent example is that of finance or fictitious capital, where in capital grows without involvement of workers.
And in politics, Right wants present state & its machineries to continue in its present form. In short bourgeois democracy pretends that all citizens are equal. However, during crisis, this pretentious mask is thrown away, of which examples are innumerous, like fascism, where the so called democratic rights evaporate!
We the Leftists are, ironically, divided. First reason is experience of Right wing adherents, US & allies, have learnt enough experience to counter the unity & struggle of the working class and have penetrated in most of so called “Left” parties (Especially after the restoration of capitalism in ex USSR). Second, opportunism among the leaders in Left parties. Third is confusion among the leaders, cadre of Left parties and their failures to see the danger and commitment for sacrifices. Lastly, we have traitors among us in form of Trotskyites, Titoites, Social Democrats, Anarchists, etc.
Yes, there are perceptible rise of the true revolutionaries in the factories, mines, fields and on social media. Study, struggle and study, build Communist Party, strengthen it, train the working class, peasants, unite and struggle are simultaneous process and is happening all over the world.
Ideology, Marxism Leninism, is a potent weapon for the working class to defeat its enemy, to abolish class division in society, to change the genes of capital (a dead entity, which grows on the flesh, blood & sweat of the living workers and becomes their masters)into social wealth.
This ideology can not penetrate into the working class, unite them and prepare them for struggle AUTOMATICALLY, just because they are exploited and need revolution! For this we need a party, a revolutionary party, a party based on democratic centralism, armed with Marxism Leninism. Party is an instrument of revolution, which fights with the workers in their need, against their enemy, prepares them for the revolution and on the opportune moment, leads them to state power, replaces bourgeois democracy (call it dictatorship) with proletarian democracy (again call it dictatorship).
This is the general understanding of Left ideology, which may work differently as per the prevailing time, region, crisis, etc. Like in India, the Communists have to understand caste system, ally with the lower caste workers to resist social discrimination, oppression against them. At present, we are fighting against fascism in India, and the petty bourgeois class is more keen than ever to be part of resistance movement against fascism. Its our task to ensure that they join us in joint front, breaking caste barrier.
However, allying various sections of the society, does not alter the leading role of the working class, its party, its ideology, its aim! And that is the beauty of this science, the Marxism Leninism.
Lastly and more importantly, the working women must be part of our party, struggle to ensure our victory!
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!

Salute the revolutionaries, Marxist Leninist, who sacrificed for the cause of the oppressed, exploited working class, peasants!


Leader of the Burkina Faso from 1983 – 1987, Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara was a dedicated Marxist and an advocate of Pan-Africanism. Sankara rose to the position of president on the 4th August, 1983, after a successful coup d’état, and led the country until his assassination after a counter-revolutionary insurgency. Whilst only in power for the duration of four years, he installed many virtues in the country through his policies, combatting pressing economic, but also social issues which still stand today.

Source: The Lost World of Communist Africa