There was an discussion a week back on one of the media channel. Topic was that India had never had a true Right Party!!
I had been wondering why such baseless discussion? Is it because of Left joining Centre after having ditched Marxist theory long back and on International level US, single pole power has no scare of Communist ghost?
So whatever exist is Right and extreme Right and the media owned by Capitalists are wanting a pure Capitalist system where they are free to increase rate of profit without much interference by the state machinery ie police, judiciary, pooliticians, bureaucrates etc. They must behave well and must not interfere in the business!!!!!!!!
In other words they want Capitalism to continue but without any evils of capitalism at least to itself. Cancerous cells wanting to be healthy even if the body on which they are thriving will die eventually!!!!!!
Anna wants Crony Capitalism to go and pure Capitalism to thrive!!!!!!!!
In this perpex, we have AAP led by Arvind Kejriwal.