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Suggestion in not a democratic fashion but with a threat comes to me that I must not eat beef, even if India is the biggest exporter of beef!
Suggestion in form of order is coming, what I should wear in office, in public and even at my home.
Can I have a picnic with my atheist friends to celebrate Bhagat Singh’s birthday or organise a lecture in his memory on his martyrdom? Function can be attacked by a mob, who will teach me what to do and what not!

It is not an issue of wearing traditional dresses in office just once or twice, but part of a trend, a small part of a very big issue. The big issue is not only related to dresses, food habits, prayer, caste/religion/nation but even to our pockets, our employment, our education & health, our land if we are a tribe or a farmer, our demand of OROP, if we are soldiers, our falling social, economic and political status in a society, which is divided into class or classes!
It is related to the profit rate of the big capitalists, big financiers, big MNCs, FDI and is under the guidance of IMF, World Bank, Foreign Finance of US, EU and even China, Russia!

Hope you get the picture of the whole and how are they interrelated and in motion. Hindu Rashtra or Islam in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Christianity in Western Countries are mere feudal tools in the hands of the super oligarchs who with the help/services of your governments, henchmen, compradors, police, army, and judiciary control you, your movement.
Even Aadhaar, and such applications in Bangladesh and Pakistan, is being enforced upon the people by the American imperialism, so that in case they find you are a trouble maker, have potentials of uniting the working class to overthrow its empire, hegemony, your whereabouts and past can be tracked easily and you are, if needed, eliminated! GOI deposed in SC few days back that an Indian has no right to live without its consent!
There are many examples, including attacking a sovereign nation, like Grenada, interfering in Venezuela, threatening North Korea! Not a single year has lapsed after II WW, when a nation was not attacked by the imperialist empire and more than 15 Crore Earthians were murdered. This does not include coup-d’état and internal murders in these countries by the CIA aided governments!
So, friends, it’s not simple matter, it’s not matter of a temple or mosque or church or dress or food code. The enemy is a system with a massive wherewithal and never dare to revolt in solitary or in a small terrorist manner, you will be defeated, terminated and you will only serve as a lesson for the survivors.
It is fascism, a form of capitalism, though qualitatively different than its mother, capitalism. It adopts a section of bourgeois class, writers, film actors and actresses, known public figures, even from exploited sections like from minorities and Dalits (In India). It buys a section of working class as well, unemployed youths and students, lumpen workers. It promotes few leaders of smaller sections at the level of village/municipality by ensuring their selections and victory, give them economic incentives, like permit to run a public transport, gas or petrol agency, etc. Even government officials of police, army, and judiciary are not spared as they are very powerful part of bourgeois ‘democracy’ and would be pillars of fascism.
Hereafter, the dictatorship of the capitalist class is entrenched deeper into the society, government and the plunder of the majority of the population, natural resources, public property earned by the working class over decades goes unlimited! The whole movement is to increase the profit rate of the oligarchs, big capitalists, financiers and to accumulate more and even more, as the race to an uncertain figure is unlimited, the greed (Due cut throat competition among monopoly capitalists as well) is bestial and insatiable.
Join a revolutionary party, unite with the exploited mass, and multiply your anger and power to smash the enemy, to establish a true, scientific socialism to breathe in a free environment, an exploitation free society!
Today is 199th birth anniversary of Karl Marx! Salute the leader of the world proletarian class! Long live Class unity and class struggle!


My ambition was to liquidate communism, the dictatorship over all the people. Supporting me and urging me on in this mission was my wife, who was of this opinion long before I was. I knew that I could only do this if I was the leading functionary. In this my wife urged me to climb to the top post. While I actually became acquainted with the West, my mind was made up forever. I decided that I must destroy the whole apparatus of the CPSU and the USSR. Also, I must do this in all of the other socialist countries. My ideal is the path of social democracy. Only this system shall benefit all the people. This quest I decided I must fulfil.

I found friends that had the same thoughts as I in Yakovlev and Shevernadze, they all deserve to be thanked for the break-up of the USSR and the defeat of Communism.

World without communism is going to be much better. After year 2000 the world will be much better, because it shall develop and prosper. But there are countries which shall try to struggle against this. China for one. I was in Peking during the time of the protests on Tienanmen Square, where I really thought that Communism in China is going to crash. I sternly demanded of the Chinese leadership that I want to speak to the protesters, but they did not allow me to do so. If Communism would fall in China, all the world would be better off, and on the road to peace.

I wanted to save the USSR, but only under social democracy rule. This I could not do. Yeltsin wanted power, he did not know anything about democracy or what I intended to do. We wanted the democratic USSR to have rights and freedom.

Then Yeltsin broke up the USSR and at that time I was not in the Kremlin, all the newspaper reporters asked me whether I shall cry? I did not cry, because I really managed to destroy Communism in the USSR, and also in all other European Socialist countries. I did not cry, because I knew that I fulfilled my main aim, that was the defeat of communism in Europe. But you must also know, that communism must be defeated in Asia also, to make the transition quicker to democracy and freedom in the whole world.

The liquidation of the USSR is not beneficial to the USA, since they have now no mighty democratic country (the former USSR) which I wanted to call the Union of Independent Sovereign Republics. I could not accomplish all of this. All the small countries now are thanking the USA for the help. I wanted the USA and the former USSR to be partners without the scourge of Communism, these could have been the ruling countries of the world. The road towards democracy will be a long one, but it is coming very quickly. The whole world must now defeat the last remnants of communism!

(This is from an interview by newspapers with Gorbachev in Ankara, Turkey where he was a guest at a seminar at the American University. It was published in the ‘Dialog’ newspaper in the Czech Republic. Courtesy: ‘Northstar Compass’, Toronto, February, 2000.)

My Comments:

I am not sure if Gorbachev really said this or its a cooked up story! As far as Gorbachev is concerned, he is an idiot and knows nothing of Communism and even Social Democracy (A form of capitalism), which he loves and wanted to establish in USSR!
USSR, which disintegrated, was an imperialist capitalist block; the process of capitalist restoration had started long back by his ancestors, viz, Khrushchev and gangs!
In a way, Gorbachev did right thing to destroy the veil of socialism that USSR wore. Yes, the multi-polar world changed into single-polar for a brief period and the working class had to suffer more than before.
The revolt against capitalist exploitation is palpable and Stalin is rising again, the proletarian revolution is not far in the future!!

Late Comrade Gopal Bhattacharya wrote some poems and got them published in form of a small book, “No Rifle In My Hand”!
His first one, “STALIN” is here:
No rifle in my hand
There’s only a book
And red letters on it: STALIN
If I were killed on
Oh passers- by, whoever may you be
Pick the book up with you_
Don’t know about a rifle?
Read it. Can’t read letters?
Give it to your brother then
To my brother_ yes.
The man said: For all
The olive tree offers its fruit
He wanted: Every child to giggle
Being a joy to his mother
Wrote he: Those who are bending
Their head to-day
Must hold their head high
Against terrible frown.
He was from Kremlin, Joseph
An alert sentinel_ restless guy
Close friend of workers and peasants
throughout the world.
Exhorted loudly: Workers and peasants
Do have your legitimate rights
Get yourself armed.
No weapon in my hand
But only a book I’ve
The group of executioners
Halted frightfully
And the fascists withdrew in retreat
And the hired touts proved futile
With their foolish tricks
And the shrewd ruffians freezed out
In crowd
Only a masked few took up the reigns.
And so he was killed practically
Followed by further killings_
And if I were killed
You’d find in vivid the book: STALIN.
Just as he fared face-to-face
Against the cannibals
Under Chamberlain
In fighting-attire, a soldier
Protecting the country from repression
and want of regeneration
Yes, ready with arms.
I’ve no military-dress but
Armed with a book
Living on the wings of confidence
and hope
For moulding a verse
And getting news and messages
from various quarters
For getting prepared
And if you ask for more
I must say: yes,
I’ve a definite direction_ STALIN

Capitalists are not “real culprits” anyway. The real culprit is capitalism i.e., capital / wage labour relation of production – capitalist mode of production. Just as wage workers are slaves of wage, so also capitalists are slaves of profit; they collectively constitute the necessary functionaries of capital.
According to Marx, “capital is also necessarily a capitalist. The idea of some socialists, that we need capital but not capitalists, is completely false. …The concept of capital implies the capitalist. … Capital is essentially a capitalist.” – (Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations, International Publishers, New York, 1975, pp. 118-19)
Capitalists are merely capital personified. Existence of capital signifies the existence of the two interdependent and interrelated classes. None of the two sides have any respite until capitalism is done away with through world socialist revolution which requires maturity of two necessary conditions – 1) subjective i.e., the revolutionary will and organization of the working class, and 2) objective i.e., material abundance on world scale. Now it is an observable fact that productive and potential abundance on world scale exists progressively since about the beginning of the past century, whereas the other condition – the revolutionary will and worldwide organization i.e., class consciousness and an independent organization and movement – is still lagging behind. Even though over a century past in 1904 the Socialist Party of Great Britain came into being subsequently giving rise to the World Socialist Movement comprising companion parties, groups and contacts spread around the world who remain resolutely active towards world socialism, the Movement is yet to gain decisive ground.
Long ago in 1865 Karl Marx urged upon the workers of the world: “Instead of the conservative motto, ‘A fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work!” they ought to inscribe on their banner the revolutionary watchword, ‘Abolition of the wages system!'” (Value, Price and Profit, 1865, London, George Allen & Unwin Ltd. 1942, p. 93).
Thus, you know, the historical responsibility of abolition of wages slavery, abolition of capitalism rests solely on the initiative of an independent organization of the working class as a class-for-itself. Then why blame the capitalists? Historically, they are not responsible for the ongoing state of affairs of society. They had accomplished their own capitalist revolution eventually dismantling feudalism – the landed aristocracy and serfdom having drawn into this task their workers as its driving force around the world. They had duped workers with their buzzword – Liberté, égalité, fraternité in French for “liberty, equality, fraternity”, which is the national motto of France. That’s all. Thus they had captured political power and then retained their buzzword as a propaganda piece in their history books. Thereafter they had and have nothing to do with the next revolution in history – the World Socialist Revolution. Rather they are quite helpless regarding this task.
Socialist Revolution lingers on simply because of the utter confusion created by the social media – rightists, centrists and the leftists squaring the circle of capital’s bet – brainwashing and corrupting with their ubiquitous ideology of glorification of nationalism, patriotism, employment system, competition and private interests. This ideology has blinded and derailed world’s workers about what is to be done. Pitiably, most workers of the world are still remaining confined within capitalist perspectives. So if you want to blame anybody, you have to blame the workers of the world for not assuming and accomplishing their long pending revolutionary task.
Revolution – Ballots, not bullets
“… there could be no doubt for us, under the circumstances then obtaining, that the great decisive battle had commenced, that it would have to be fought out in a single, long and vicissitudinous period of revolution, but that it could only end in the final victory of the proletariat….
“But history has shown us too to have been wrong, has revealed our point of view at that time as an illusion. It has done even more; it has not merely dispelled the erroneous notions we then held; it has also completely transformed the conditions under which the proletariat has to fight. The mode of struggle of 1848 is today obsolete in every respect …
“The time of surprise attacks, of revolutions carried through by small conscious minorities at the head of masses lacking consciousness is past. Where it is a question of a complete transformation of the social organisation, the masses themselves must also be in it, must themselves already have grasped what is at stake, what they are fighting for, body and soul.
“The history of the last fifty years has taught us that. But in order that the masses may understand what is to be done, long, persistent work is required, and it is just this work that we are now pursuing, and with a success which drives the enemy to despair.”
Engels, Introduction to Marx’s “The Class Struggles in France 1848 to 1850” Marx/Engels, Selected Works, Vol. I, Progress Publishers, Moscow 1969, pp. 190, 199-200; Also See: Works of Frederick Engels 1895 at:
“That this collective appropriation can only be the outcome of the revolutionary action of the productive class – or proletariat – organized in a separate political party.
“That such organization must be pursued by all the means, which the proletariat has at its disposal, including universal suffrage, thus transformed from the instrument of trickery, which it has been up till now into an instrument of emancipation.” [Emphasis added]
Written on about May 10, 1880
Printed according to L’Égalité, No. 24, June 30, 1880, checked with the text of Le Précurseur
First published in Le Précurseur, No. 15, June 19, 1880
Translated from the French

Pope Francis: “Terrorism grows when there is no other option, and as long as the world economy has at its center the god of money and not the person.” “This is fundamental terrorism, against all humanity,”
From the post:

Partially may be right but here terrorism is being created by the American hegemony to control the world natural resources, suppress the opposition! Terrorism is a business with a very high rate of profit! The lobby of arm producers, dealers, their controlled media work day & night to open new fronts to make Billions worth business!
Main question is Capitalism, the last form of society based on class division, which is ruining the humanity itself! Even Dalai Lama and many other religious leaders do talk of ‘evil’ capitalism and ‘good’ communism! Is this a fashion or a ploy to keep their ‘flocks’ tied to their capitalist side?? Other wise their own hegemony or a high position will be lost for ever.
One thing is sure, they are not for end of capitalism, not for socialism, based on historical materialism! It has to be the working class and other oppressed class, natural allies, to overthrow the absurd form of ownership of means of production and the profit accrued then after, where the production itself is social!

I am part of many Social Media groups, like Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, etc! Find many posts, which were originated elsewhere but land up in our groups, sometime more than once! If one is a member of 10 groups, he finds same post 10-15 times!
They are boring, flood phones and worse dumb our brains, create ignorance, superstition, hatred! Even worse is getting addicted to forwarding them in as many groups as possible, as if he is part of some revolutionary movement!
Who is creating them? There are photo shops, making sick & disgusting comments on known leaders. The intellectual faculty is badly damaged by such acts! Is it perchance? Obviously not, but designed by the ruling class, which includes opposition & even foreign organisation!
There are IT Hubs, where paid trolls, with dozens of fake ids, are making such posts, photo shops, lies, hatred/war mongering slogans! They are part of riots, character assassination but are immune to police action!
Any number of new laws curbing them, sermons by political/religious leaders(They are the ones, who are getting this done), reforms in society is not going to stop this social, political menace! Their presence is even in streets to silence the opposition!
The solution, in very short, is Proletarian Culture!

“When the oppressed of the world throw off the shackles of imperialism, taking back their land, their resources, their industries, built with their toil and their lives; as they follow in the footsteps of Lenin, Stalin, and the Soviet Union to destroy the old order, based on the oppression of the working class majority by an ever-decreasing minority of capitalists and build a new society of mutual cooperation for the advancement of humankind … this is not a noble or just cause in the eyes of the bourgeoisie.”

Very well explained in simple language!

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