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“Even before Acharya’s address, the Finance Ministry had invoked Section 7 of the RBI Act that allows the government to call for consultations with the governor as a first step on issues of ‘public interest’.”
( From an article published in Indian Epress; worth reading!
Is Urijit Patel courageous & “independent” now to work as governor of RBI? He would know better, but we know that its akin to a child’s effort to break iron cage of fascism.
Wont he remember, the rising assassinations in our country, many have perished while resisting fascists, Judge Loya, Lankesh Gauri, Kalburgi are some examples! Those who were tamed, too, are examples of coercion, through CBI & other means, Nitish Kumar, Mulayam Singh Yadav & even Mayawati are examples here!
But more important question is, are we heading for economic crisis?
Economic recession is inevitable in capitalism, but here is massive plunder of our public properties, our hard earned money in banks and even in our pockets due rising inflation, corruption, monopoly pricing & taxation.
And all this to take care of RSS/BJP propaganda machine, their lavish 7-Star lifestyle, Z-Cat security to every Tom, Dick & Harry, stacking our money in foreign banks, waiving off unpaid taxes & loans of the big capitalists, loot by the spouses and children of these criminal parasites, rising election expenses, where voters are being bought, etc, etc!
Comrades, do not be overjoyed that RBI governor, or CBI Director, or CJI, etc are speaking against RSS/BJP government, as they are whispers and not revolt!
Revolt to defeat fascists is possible only through the united actions of the working class, peasants under the leadership of a revolutionary party!
Defeating fascism is not full task in itself, but a semi column, where where the revolutionary party must give call to its cadre and supporters, the working class to bury capitalism, mother of fascism and all evils and establish socialism, so that the reversal to present economic, social and political order is made impossible!

Natho Bukega shared a link (On FB).

Our Mother, West Papua
I no longer walk her beautiful
landscape, I am a prisoner
in my own homeland, stripped
off my heritage, my culture.
I stand naked before my
tormentors, crying to the
deaf world, the world blind
to our just course, how we
long to rise the morning
star, Merdeka Papua our dear
mother is war-torn, ploughed
with mass graves and shallow
graves, I have buried my
mother’s sons and daughters.
While our fathers and sons
bury their heads, turn into
shadows who lay flat on the
ground that forever bleeds, for
our mother west papua is raped
every day by jellyfish settlers from
the lands of Indonesia, backed by
the powers that be and condone
by our silence as a power of beings.
|Suss KaMzibeni|

(Note: West Papua is a forced colony of Indonesia, where a plebiscite was carried out under the “supervision” of UNO to decide if this mineral rich nation will continue to be under the colonial power Indonesia or will be a free nation. In a charismatic poll, less than 1% of the population exercised their right to vote and the result was in the favour of occupying country!
Fight is continuing by the rightful owners of this part of the Earth, even against the severe repression by the imperialist powers!
Only Socialism will ensure a true Right to Secede and democratic rights of the peoples!)

There were many who cursed Copernicus in 15th century that Earth was not stationary but orbits around the sun. In fact the then rulers announced death sentence for him, unless he apologises for his ‘stupid’ discovery, which he did to avoid being hanged.
Till late in 19th Century, the people’s thinking was metaphysical, seeing things as stationary, disconnected with other incidents, sets of system. This was the natural outcome of 1000s of scientific discoveries, which needed metaphysical investigation and changed mankind’s natural dialectical method of reasoning. But then the interconnection, curtsey science itself, forced mankind to become dialectical again. One example here to clarify dialectical reasoning: Discovery of inter mingling of arteries & veins, that is, blood is not stored in different tight compartments in a human body. Another one was recent in physics, matter is not only in solid, liquid and gas state but even in energy. The theory of evolution, opposed to creation, helped identify the law of quantitative change into qualitative change, from single vertebrae to twin might have taken 1 million year but to reach 7, it did not take 7 millions, but less than 3, as there was ‘revolution’ in the process. The latest is the gravitational waves with Godam Particle, which leaves no part of the Universe isolated, simple evolution through its beginning to end does not exist.
Indian philosopher Charvak did mention dialectical method but had limitations due scientific informations in his time, so was Aristotle. Finally there we have Hegel, the great philosopher, who discovered the dialectical laws, reduced them to writing, though he remained an idealist. The next work to complete the investigation method well on genius Marx, who finally brought a complete science, known as Dialectical Materialism! Frederick Engels was his comrade in arm for this task and wrote further explanations in his famous book ‘Anti Duhring’.
Marx himself applied this method on human beings, their history and found that it also complies dialectical mode. A man, part of society, acts & thinks as per the social, political, economic conditions. While engaging in production, a necessary act to manage his means of subsistence, he enters into a relation with not only nature but also with other men, which we call production relation.
The development of mankind; from Savage era, Barbarian era to Slavery, Feudal relation of production and now Capitalism, with great history of Socialism, which was defeated by treachery from within and outside in between; was not incidental. It was connected to each other, developed as per the mode of production, technologies employed, and even the superstructure developed thereafter confirmed its base, that is economic activities. Superstructure, that is politics, religion, caste, spiritualism, art, culture, etc also interacted the base but with limitation.
For example, Einstein was not possible before Newton, as the formers could not have imagined that the light travels, forget about discovery of special and general theory of relativity! Same way, Marx was not possible before Ricardo or Adam Smith, the greatest classical economists of their time, who did reach to the level of ‘Surplus Value’ but could not discover it.
So, we call this law in human science as “Historical materialism”. Apart from philosophy, Marx, Engels establish the basics of Economy, surplus value, the cause of recurrent economic crisis and boom, so far not only valid but more relevant. This law was further developed by Lenin, and showed how the ‘free market’ is replaced by “Monopoly Capitalism”, which he called the highest stage of capitalism, also known as Imperialism. That means, there is no further scope of further development in capitalism, and if retained by force, it will only degenerate and the rot will be visible in superstructure, like what we see today, rise in unemployment, right wing criminal philistines, be in US, India, China, Ukraine, elsewhere.
The last part of Marxism Leninism is politics, which I have been talking in this group frequently. Marxist politics, means in short, replacing bourgeois state with that of proletarian state. The transition from Capitalism into Socialism & eventually into Communism. This transition will not be smooth as the existing elites, their compradors, henchmen, state & all its machineries will resist with all their worthy might, with violence. This transition is revolution.
The proletarian politics and revolution is politics of class struggle, class hegemony of capitalists which is to be defeated and the hegemony of the working class is to be established, during transition period.
The humankind’s civilisation from ‘pre historic communism’ to the modern communism, with very large scale of industries, socialised agriculture, with abundance of social wealth to meet the needs of all its members, so that they are no more worried about their employment and basics, education and health, though is part of historical materialism but revolution is needed. Even slavery was replaced through revolution, and now capitalism with much more complication and power, a more coordinated and planned acts on behalf of the working class, the most advanced section of the mankind in the history is needed.
The Soviet Revolution by the Bolsheviks under the able leadership of VI Lenin, was new to the mankind. Their leaders, the managers, workers, soldiers joined together to uphold their state to develop socialism. The Western powers never believed that this state will survive even a single say. Philistinism was the basic reason for such belief but nonetheless, they tried every day, every opportunity to destroy it physically. The treachery of Trotsky continued from Lenin to Stalin era.
Stalin’s mistake here was his failure to recognise these traitors and later that of Khrushchev and cliches, who eventually ensured capitalist restoration in USSR and other allies. China fell to imperialism during Mao’s time only due his erroneous understanding of the essentials of class contradiction, that existed in even socialist society, as long as capitalist countries exist in the world, who will try to sabotage every such movements.
Stalin and his entire team, the collective leadership of CPSU build USSR in a fashion, which was a dream project on the mother Earth. Bhagat Singh was not lucky enough to see all the transformation in this charisma in industries, agriculture, science, women’s equality & emancipation! Women fighter pilots were feared by the German Army, their accuracy, lethality and commitment was so high. The development showed in education, painting, arts, health, production of aeroplanes, cosmetics (Yes), clothings, cars, voyage to moon, name if & they did it. The crime for private property was abolished. Political crime was there and those traitors were liquidated, though much less, what the imperialist blocks, Hitler did or now doing!
Lenin, Stalin, nay the Marxism Leninism as an ideology for the working class, peasants, oppressed women, child labourers, Dalits & minorities, is rising world over, especially after 2008 chronic economic crisis. The outcome is also attack by the bourgeois class, imperialism capitalism through their henchmen, agents in name of religion, colour, caste, nationalism, personality cult, etc on the people.
You see these reactionaries every where, even here, trying their best to malign worker’s international leaders Lenin, Stalin, Comrade CPR & Moni Guha and others but shy away from the science of mankind, historical materialism, economic crises, massive unemployment, terrorism, war!
There is no alternate theory that the moribund & parasitic Capitalism, which has seen its birth, growth and now in its last terminal stage, has to be buried. The base of all evil is almost dead and the last rite is to be performed by the unity & struggle of the working class of the world, the revolution.
Incidentally, the exploited class understands the above in much better that those who have read one or two books by rabid anti communist writers. The massive accumulation of wealth, which has led to the concentration of wealth in hands of 8 people as much as in that of bottom of half the Earthians. Read Oxfam on this, which also forwards data to show how 3 Trillion USD was misappropriated by these super elites from the lower strata of the mankind! On the other hand 1 Billion people are starving on Earth. That is, growth of private property means more exploitation, higher surplus value, higher GDP but more miseries to the workers who created them! This is understood by the workers.
Today in India, the working women, Dalits, minorities, nationalities are oppressed. Why? To divert the attention of the working class from the main issues of unemployment, from uniting and struggling!
Friends, join the progressive and revolutionary forces, the advanced section of the society, the workers for a united struggle. Its historic task, ignore the middle class paid or unpaid diseased pseudo intellectuals, their worth is not even garbage, are in extreme minority.
Long live Lenin, Long live Stalin, Long live proletarian unity and their revolutionary ideology, Long live proletarian revolution!

Today working class is divided on almost all fronts. Division due religion, colour, region existed since long but their venom has grown many times, in recent times.
The revolt by the working class after the economic crisis of 2008 was massive and world over. But due lack of revolutionary aim, revolutionary ideology and revolutionary party to lead them, it disintegrated.
The imperialist capitalism counter attacked and the result is visible in US, India, Ukraine, Syria, Latin American nations, France and many other.
The erstwhile Socialist blocs, who had already forfeited their gains of revolution after the treachery of Khrushchev & cliches, Tito, Trots and others, are no exception, after capitalist restoration. Mao seemed satisfied with the idea of replacing the world proletarian leader Stalin and let “Mao Thought” replace Marxism Leninism, harmed the cause more than the unity it could foster.
Enver Hoxa and the Labour Party of Albania kept the revolutionary flag high, but ultimately it lost the battle against imperialist capitalism!
Now what? Undoubtedly, re-establish Marxist Leninist theory, unite & struggle to establish proletarian dictatorship. Defeat capitalism, establish socialism, complete the historical task assigned to the most advanced class of the human civilisation so far.
Comrades, any other combination, permutation in this scientific theory is only an effort to dilute our unity, dilute our struggle and subvert our revolution!

“Marxism is the science of the laws governing the development of nature and society, the science of the revolution of the oppressed and exploited masses, the science of the victory of socialism in all countries, the science of building communist society. As a science, Marxism cannot stand still, it develops and is perfected. In its development, Marxism cannot but be enriched by new experience, new knowledge — consequently some of its formulas and conclusions cannot but change in the course of time, cannot but be replaced by new formulas and conclusions, corresponding to the new historical tasks. Marxism does not recognize invariable conclusions and formulas, obligatory for all epochs and periods. Marxism is the enemy of all dogmatism.”

J. Stalin

My ambition was to liquidate communism, the dictatorship over all the people. Supporting me and urging me on in this mission was my wife, who was of this opinion long before I was. I knew that I could only do this if I was the leading functionary. In this my wife urged me to climb to the top post. While I actually became acquainted with the West, my mind was made up forever. I decided that I must destroy the whole apparatus of the CPSU and the USSR. Also, I must do this in all of the other socialist countries. My ideal is the path of social democracy. Only this system shall benefit all the people. This quest I decided I must fulfil.

I found friends that had the same thoughts as I in Yakovlev and Shevernadze, they all deserve to be thanked for the break-up of the USSR and the defeat of Communism.

World without communism is going to be much better. After year 2000 the world will be much better, because it shall develop and prosper. But there are countries which shall try to struggle against this. China for one. I was in Peking during the time of the protests on Tienanmen Square, where I really thought that Communism in China is going to crash. I sternly demanded of the Chinese leadership that I want to speak to the protesters, but they did not allow me to do so. If Communism would fall in China, all the world would be better off, and on the road to peace.

I wanted to save the USSR, but only under social democracy rule. This I could not do. Yeltsin wanted power, he did not know anything about democracy or what I intended to do. We wanted the democratic USSR to have rights and freedom.

Then Yeltsin broke up the USSR and at that time I was not in the Kremlin, all the newspaper reporters asked me whether I shall cry? I did not cry, because I really managed to destroy Communism in the USSR, and also in all other European Socialist countries. I did not cry, because I knew that I fulfilled my main aim, that was the defeat of communism in Europe. But you must also know, that communism must be defeated in Asia also, to make the transition quicker to democracy and freedom in the whole world.

The liquidation of the USSR is not beneficial to the USA, since they have now no mighty democratic country (the former USSR) which I wanted to call the Union of Independent Sovereign Republics. I could not accomplish all of this. All the small countries now are thanking the USA for the help. I wanted the USA and the former USSR to be partners without the scourge of Communism, these could have been the ruling countries of the world. The road towards democracy will be a long one, but it is coming very quickly. The whole world must now defeat the last remnants of communism!

(This is from an interview by newspapers with Gorbachev in Ankara, Turkey where he was a guest at a seminar at the American University. It was published in the ‘Dialog’ newspaper in the Czech Republic. Courtesy: ‘Northstar Compass’, Toronto, February, 2000.)

My Comments:

I am not sure if Gorbachev really said this or its a cooked up story! As far as Gorbachev is concerned, he is an idiot and knows nothing of Communism and even Social Democracy (A form of capitalism), which he loves and wanted to establish in USSR!
USSR, which disintegrated, was an imperialist capitalist block; the process of capitalist restoration had started long back by his ancestors, viz, Khrushchev and gangs!
In a way, Gorbachev did right thing to destroy the veil of socialism that USSR wore. Yes, the multi-polar world changed into single-polar for a brief period and the working class had to suffer more than before.
The revolt against capitalist exploitation is palpable and Stalin is rising again, the proletarian revolution is not far in the future!!

“It is obscene for so much wealth to be held in the hands of so few when 1 in 10 people survive on less than $2 a day. Inequality is trapping hundreds of millions in poverty; ….”
(From World’s 8 Richest–All Men–as Wealthy as Half of Humanity: Oxfam
There are enough evidences of this widening gap between the super rich and the poor! The poverty is rising absolutely and relatively! Private property has seized to exist in hands of 99% in a cohesive manner, with which they could hire labour power & usurp ‘surplus value’! Fine, we all know that but what next?
Keep cursing the super rich and ‘advise’ the government to tax more on them, stop corruption and ‘distribute’ it among the poor?
Let us not be philistines! Such talks of “good” have been in place since centuries but results are in favour of the rich!
We had an example in Soviet Union, where this gap was diminished, no but even the erstwhile production relation was changed, the master class was abolished and all were made “equal in production as well as in distribution”!
Yes, they were destroyed by the Khrushchev & cliches, the saboteurs & renegades!
But has the wheel of the history stopped? Are we not for another series of revolutions for a Socialist society? Unity & struggle to eradicate the rising beast in form of capitalism, which is threatening the very survival of mankind!
To eradicate this inequality, which is threatening the very survival of our society, we must seek the solution in production relation and not merely in distribution, in the symptom of the disease!