Ostrich like attitude! These right wing reactionaries do hope of reversing the wheel of history!
The discoveries of science cannot be hidden, even if not taught in the education institutions. This is being tried world over, including India, where in schools and colleges the syllabus is being changed in hope of making the new generations of the working class, the sources of creators of the surplus value, zombies and remain aloof to their demands of employment & basic subsidies!
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Fahwad Al-Khadoumi (nsnbc) : Alparslan Durmus, head of Turkey’s national board on education, said in an online statement earlier this week that a chapter entitled “Beginning of Life and Evolution” will be deleted from the standard biology textbooks and the material will be available only, to students who go on to university studies from age…

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Fight against all forms of revinism!

The Red Phoenix

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The Last petition of Bhagat Singh, after death sentence was announced for him. In this petition one can understand what was the vision the great martyr had for Indian society!

The Punjab Governor
With due respect we beg to bring to your kind notice the following:
That we were sentenced to death on 7th October 1930 by a British Court, L.C.C Tribunal, constituted under the Sp. Lahore Conspiracy Case Ordinance, promulgated by the H.E. The Viceroy, the Head of the British Government of India, and that the main charge against us was that of having waged war against H.M. King George, the King of England.
The above-mentioned finding of the Court pre-supposed two things:
Firstly, that there exists a state of war between the British Nation and the Indian Nation and, secondly, that we had actually participated in that war and were therefore war prisoners.
The second pre-supposition seems to be a little bit flattering, but nevertheless it is too tempting to resist the desire of acquiescing in it.
As regards the first, we are constrained to go into some detail. Apparently there seems to be no such war as the phrase indicates. Nevertheless, please allow us to accept the validity of the pre-supposition taking it at its face value. But in order to be correctly understood we must explain it further. Let us declare that the state of war does exist and shall exist so long as the Indian toiling masses and the natural resources are being exploited by a handful of parasites. They may be purely British Capitalist or mixed British and Indian or even purely Indian. They may be carrying on their insidious exploitation through mixed or even on purely Indian bureaucratic apparatus. All these things make no difference. No matter, if your Government tries and succeeds in winning over the leaders of the upper strata of the Indian Society through petty concessions and compromises and thereby cause a temporary demoralization in the main body of the forces. No matter, if once again the vanguard of the Indian movement, the Revolutionary Party, finds itself deserted in the thick of the war. No matter if the leaders to whom personally we are much indebted for the sympathy and feelings they expressed for us, but nevertheless we cannot overlook the fact that they did become so callous as to ignore and not to make a mention in the peace negotiation of even the homeless, friendless and penniless of female workers who are alleged to be belonging to the vanguard and whom the leaders consider to be enemies of their utopian non-violent cult which has already become a thing of the past; the heroines who had ungrudgingly sacrificed or offered for sacrifice their husbands, brothers, and all that were nearest and dearest to them, including themselves, whom your government has declared to be outlaws. No matter, it your agents stoop so low as to fabricate baseless calumnies against their spotless characters to damage their and their party’s reputation. The war shall continue.
It may assume different shapes at different times. It may become now open, now hidden, now purely agitational, now fierce life and death struggle. The choice of the course, whether bloody or comparatively peaceful, which it should adopt rests with you. Choose whichever you like. But that war shall be incessantly waged without taking into consideration the petty (illegible) and the meaningless ethical ideologies. It shall be waged ever with new vigour, greater audacity and unflinching determination till the Socialist Republic is established and the present social order is completely replaced by a new social order, based on social prosperity and thus every sort of exploitation is put an end to and the humanity is ushered into the era of genuine and permanent peace. In the very near future the final battle shall be fought and final settlement arrived at.
The days of capitalist and imperialist exploitation are numbered. The war neither began with us nor is it going to end with our lives. It is the inevitable consequence of the historic events and the existing environments. Our humble sacrifices shall be only a link in the chain that has very accurately been beautified by the unparalleled sacrifice of Mr. Das and most tragic but noblest sacrifice of Comrade Bhagawati Charan and the glorious death of our dear warrior Azad.
As to the question of our fates, please allow us to say that when you have decided to put us to death, you will certainly do it. You have got the power in your hands and the power is the greatest justification in this world. We know that the maxim “Might is right” serves as your guiding motto. The whole of our trial was just a proof of that. We wanted to point out that according to the verdict of your court we had waged war and were therefore war prisoners. And we claim to be treated as such, i.e., we claim to be shot dead instead of to be hanged. It rests with you to prove that you really meant what your court has said.
We request and hope that you will very kindly order the military department to send its detachment to perform our execution.

Source: Nazi German Atrocities During WWII (in Photographs)


Are we back to those days? More than 60,000 people starve to death everyday and where the American military has murdered more than 15 Crore people after II WW?
Of course, we can not revisit the history but in different fashion, where the Americans can bomb & destroy any sovereign nation at its will. African nations, barring few, resemble utter destruction, despite having gigantic natural resources, due to massive plunder by the imperialist powers, including China! Though we know the American empire is coming to an end!
Economically, the Earthians were never so bad, where only 8 people have what half the Earthians have.             1 Billion have no basics to live like a human!
Have we reached Super Imperialism? From where we can not march ahead? Obviously no! The imperialist empire is crumbling from within due massive contradiction and rift for hegemony and profit share. The exploited mass is protesting, even though in disunited fashion, without the revolutionary aim of destroying the hegemony of private property!

Yes, we will overcome the hurdles created by capitalism to forge our own rule, and own state, a classless society, a society without miseries! The much awaited Socialism!

“MOLOTOV – coming to the speaker’s tribune completely admits his mistakes before the CC, but he stated that he is and will always he a faithful disciple of Stalin.
STALIN – (interrupting Molotov) This is nonsense. I have no students at all. We are all students of the great Lenin.”
Stalin was not only against personality cult, so widely prevalent in bourgeois politicians but even wanted to resign as the GS of CPSU!

The Espresso Stalinist


October 16,1952

In this article, taken from the Russian newspaper “Glasnost” which was completely devoted to the 120th Anniversary of Stalin’s birth, this was the last speech at the CC CPSU before Stalin died.

This text is being published for the very first time in the Soviet Union by the newspaper “Glasnost”, the Central Organ of the Union of Communist Parties-CPSU. We have translated it word for word, so that our readers can see the thinking and Stalin’s proposals to the Central Committee and the critical remarks aimed at the two CC members, V.M. Molotov and also A.I. Mikoyan.

Yes, we did hold the Congress of our party. It went very well, and many of you might think that, amongst us there exists full harmony and unity. But we have not this harmony and unity of thought. Some of you are even opposed and do not like our decision.


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Our Mother, West Papua
I no longer walk her beautiful
landscape, I am a prisoner
in my own homeland, stripped
off my heritage, my culture.
I stand naked before my
tormentors, crying to the
deaf world, the world blind
to our just course, how we
long to rise the morning
star, Merdeka Papua our dear
mother is war-torn, ploughed
with mass graves and shallow
graves, I have buried my
mother’s sons and daughters.
While our fathers and sons
bury their heads, turn into
shadows who lay flat on the
ground that forever bleeds, for
our mother west papua is raped
every day by jellyfish settlers from
the lands of Indonesia, backed by
the powers that be and condone
by our silence as a power of beings.
|Suss KaMzibeni|

(Note: West Papua is a forced colony of Indonesia, where a plebiscite was carried out under the “supervision” of UNO to decide if this mineral rich nation will continue to be under the colonial power Indonesia or will be a free nation. In a charismatic poll, less than 1% of the population exercised their right to vote and the result was in the favour of occupying country!
Fight is continuing by the rightful owners of this part of the Earth, even against the severe repression by the imperialist powers!
Only Socialism will ensure a true Right to Secede and democratic rights of the peoples!)

Social democracy is part of bourgeois conspiracy to derail the working class movement for a scientific socialism. It works to ‘curtail’ power of the bourgeois class, tax it more and ensure no tax evasion, no waiving off the loans to give “concessions” to the working class. This essentially means a reform in distribution system and keep the production relation intact. Keep the means of production in hands of the capitalist class, keep the wage slavery intact, do not touch the fort of Private Property! The last theory is so dear to the middle class sycophants, as it keeps their ‘freedom of thought’ intact!!!
Social Democracy advocates that the management of production and services is beyond the workers capabilities, hence they must sell their labour power and get back a decent wage and remain satisfied!
Their treachery or the real blood stained face is visible during economic crisis, what we saw as examples in Greece and other parts of EU, UK, US and even in undeveloped nations, where the ruling class is not in “condition” to share the plunder back to the working class, as they are forced to share with the MNCs, FDIs, foreign monopoly capitalists. The working class, despite its heroic struggle against its class enemy remains divided and is unable to bargain a better contract, a better living standard.
Even during war, they support their governments as part of lobby of the arm dealers, big oil oligarchs, financiers. Bernie supports US attack on Syria!!!
In India, those all parties, who support “Socialism”, are nothing but power hunger parasites; like SP, BSP, AAP, RJD, DMK, AIADMK, BJD etc. Now even Lefts, namely, CPI, CPM, CPI(ML) and their various allies are nothing but examples of Social Democrats! They objectively create social base for fascism.
However, the question raised by Dimitrov is very pertinent, is on line of class politics, is to promote class unity & struggle! I am for working with the cadre of these social democratic parties, leaving their leaders alone, including even the middle level, as they are degenerated lots and have lost all fire to work for the exploited, have become parasites, and are ‘natural’ allies of the right wing parties. We have 100s or even 1000s of CPM/CPI workers, who have joined TMC or even BJP!
However, depending on the situation, a different tactical line may be taken to strengthen the working class in its historical task!
National Front to resist fascism is necessary and these Social Democrats can be part of it but never take them for granted as permanent allies for a proletarian revolution, socialist revolution!

The Espresso Stalinist

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.


From C. Dimitrov

Dear Com. Stalin!

The enclosed draft outline of [my] speech shows how I see the essence of the speech regarding the 2nd point of the agenda of the congress. In addition, I would like to raise in our forthcoming conversation the following questions:

I. On Social Democracy [1]

1. Whether it is correct to refer to social democracy indiscriminately as social-fascism. By taking such a position, we have frequently blocked our way to social democratic workers. [2]

2. Whether it is correct to consider social democracy everywhere and at all times the main social base of the bourgeoisie. [3]

3. Whether it is correct to consider all leftist s[ocial] d[emocratic] groups as a major threat under any conditions. [4]

4. Whether it is correct to treat all the leading cadres of…

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