There were many who cursed Copernicus in 15th century that Earth was not stationary but orbits around the sun. In fact the then rulers announced death sentence for him, unless he apologises for his ‘stupid’ discovery, which he did to avoid being hanged.
Till late in 19th Century, the people’s thinking was metaphysical, seeing things as stationary, disconnected with other incidents, sets of system. This was the natural outcome of 1000s of scientific discoveries, which needed metaphysical investigation and changed mankind’s natural dialectical method of reasoning. But then the interconnection, curtsey science itself, forced mankind to become dialectical again. One example here to clarify dialectical reasoning: Discovery of inter mingling of arteries & veins, that is, blood is not stored in different tight compartments in a human body. Another one was recent in physics, matter is not only in solid, liquid and gas state but even in energy. The theory of evolution, opposed to creation, helped identify the law of quantitative change into qualitative change, from single vertebrae to twin might have taken 1 million year but to reach 7, it did not take 7 millions, but less than 3, as there was ‘revolution’ in the process. The latest is the gravitational waves with Godam Particle, which leaves no part of the Universe isolated, simple evolution through its beginning to end does not exist.
Indian philosopher Charvak did mention dialectical method but had limitations due scientific informations in his time, so was Aristotle. Finally there we have Hegel, the great philosopher, who discovered the dialectical laws, reduced them to writing, though he remained an idealist. The next work to complete the investigation method well on genius Marx, who finally brought a complete science, known as Dialectical Materialism! Frederick Engels was his comrade in arm for this task and wrote further explanations in his famous book ‘Anti Duhring’.
Marx himself applied this method on human beings, their history and found that it also complies dialectical mode. A man, part of society, acts & thinks as per the social, political, economic conditions. While engaging in production, a necessary act to manage his means of subsistence, he enters into a relation with not only nature but also with other men, which we call production relation.
The development of mankind; from Savage era, Barbarian era to Slavery, Feudal relation of production and now Capitalism, with great history of Socialism, which was defeated by treachery from within and outside in between; was not incidental. It was connected to each other, developed as per the mode of production, technologies employed, and even the superstructure developed thereafter confirmed its base, that is economic activities. Superstructure, that is politics, religion, caste, spiritualism, art, culture, etc also interacted the base but with limitation.
For example, Einstein was not possible before Newton, as the formers could not have imagined that the light travels, forget about discovery of special and general theory of relativity! Same way, Marx was not possible before Ricardo or Adam Smith, the greatest classical economists of their time, who did reach to the level of ‘Surplus Value’ but could not discover it.
So, we call this law in human science as “Historical materialism”. Apart from philosophy, Marx, Engels establish the basics of Economy, surplus value, the cause of recurrent economic crisis and boom, so far not only valid but more relevant. This law was further developed by Lenin, and showed how the ‘free market’ is replaced by “Monopoly Capitalism”, which he called the highest stage of capitalism, also known as Imperialism. That means, there is no further scope of further development in capitalism, and if retained by force, it will only degenerate and the rot will be visible in superstructure, like what we see today, rise in unemployment, right wing criminal philistines, be in US, India, China, Ukraine, elsewhere.
The last part of Marxism Leninism is politics, which I have been talking in this group frequently. Marxist politics, means in short, replacing bourgeois state with that of proletarian state. The transition from Capitalism into Socialism & eventually into Communism. This transition will not be smooth as the existing elites, their compradors, henchmen, state & all its machineries will resist with all their worthy might, with violence. This transition is revolution.
The proletarian politics and revolution is politics of class struggle, class hegemony of capitalists which is to be defeated and the hegemony of the working class is to be established, during transition period.
The humankind’s civilisation from ‘pre historic communism’ to the modern communism, with very large scale of industries, socialised agriculture, with abundance of social wealth to meet the needs of all its members, so that they are no more worried about their employment and basics, education and health, though is part of historical materialism but revolution is needed. Even slavery was replaced through revolution, and now capitalism with much more complication and power, a more coordinated and planned acts on behalf of the working class, the most advanced section of the mankind in the history is needed.
The Soviet Revolution by the Bolsheviks under the able leadership of VI Lenin, was new to the mankind. Their leaders, the managers, workers, soldiers joined together to uphold their state to develop socialism. The Western powers never believed that this state will survive even a single say. Philistinism was the basic reason for such belief but nonetheless, they tried every day, every opportunity to destroy it physically. The treachery of Trotsky continued from Lenin to Stalin era.
Stalin’s mistake here was his failure to recognise these traitors and later that of Khrushchev and cliches, who eventually ensured capitalist restoration in USSR and other allies. China fell to imperialism during Mao’s time only due his erroneous understanding of the essentials of class contradiction, that existed in even socialist society, as long as capitalist countries exist in the world, who will try to sabotage every such movements.
Stalin and his entire team, the collective leadership of CPSU build USSR in a fashion, which was a dream project on the mother Earth. Bhagat Singh was not lucky enough to see all the transformation in this charisma in industries, agriculture, science, women’s equality & emancipation! Women fighter pilots were feared by the German Army, their accuracy, lethality and commitment was so high. The development showed in education, painting, arts, health, production of aeroplanes, cosmetics (Yes), clothings, cars, voyage to moon, name if & they did it. The crime for private property was abolished. Political crime was there and those traitors were liquidated, though much less, what the imperialist blocks, Hitler did or now doing!
Lenin, Stalin, nay the Marxism Leninism as an ideology for the working class, peasants, oppressed women, child labourers, Dalits & minorities, is rising world over, especially after 2008 chronic economic crisis. The outcome is also attack by the bourgeois class, imperialism capitalism through their henchmen, agents in name of religion, colour, caste, nationalism, personality cult, etc on the people.
You see these reactionaries every where, even here, trying their best to malign worker’s international leaders Lenin, Stalin, Comrade CPR & Moni Guha and others but shy away from the science of mankind, historical materialism, economic crises, massive unemployment, terrorism, war!
There is no alternate theory that the moribund & parasitic Capitalism, which has seen its birth, growth and now in its last terminal stage, has to be buried. The base of all evil is almost dead and the last rite is to be performed by the unity & struggle of the working class of the world, the revolution.
Incidentally, the exploited class understands the above in much better that those who have read one or two books by rabid anti communist writers. The massive accumulation of wealth, which has led to the concentration of wealth in hands of 8 people as much as in that of bottom of half the Earthians. Read Oxfam on this, which also forwards data to show how 3 Trillion USD was misappropriated by these super elites from the lower strata of the mankind! On the other hand 1 Billion people are starving on Earth. That is, growth of private property means more exploitation, higher surplus value, higher GDP but more miseries to the workers who created them! This is understood by the workers.
Today in India, the working women, Dalits, minorities, nationalities are oppressed. Why? To divert the attention of the working class from the main issues of unemployment, from uniting and struggling!
Friends, join the progressive and revolutionary forces, the advanced section of the society, the workers for a united struggle. Its historic task, ignore the middle class paid or unpaid diseased pseudo intellectuals, their worth is not even garbage, are in extreme minority.
Long live Lenin, Long live Stalin, Long live proletarian unity and their revolutionary ideology, Long live proletarian revolution!

Vijay Mallya is arrested & may be brought back to India. Even same may happen to Lalit Modi. May be Vadra, too, is arrested.
May be Ram Temple is erected in Ayodhya. May be Article 370 is demolished in J&K. May be Cow Slaughter is banned in entire India.
I am bringing these possibilities to the attention to my SM friends, who are very fond of ‘challenging’ RSS to bridge the gap between their sayings and doings.
Yes, hypocrisy is a synonym of Right Wing bourgeois parties but not necessarily in above quoted examples. You can google and find what Hitler said and what all he did in reality.
During economic crisis, the working class revolts and one of the known, tested and successful measure to crush them is divide them through “extraordinary” measures, which makes the middle class nitwits proud in their state authority.
Fascism has better means to judge your activities through organised & paid think tanks, repression measures and to save its rule, it even may punish/destroy some of its own parts, persons, along with millions of people!
Yes, what they are incapable of doing, even if they want to do so, is to bring down unemployment to zero, finish crime/corruption from the society as they are “babies” of capitalism. For this the profit rate of the ruling class will go down to zero if not in negative, which though happens in economic crisis. They can not establish the rule of the proletarian class by replacing the bourgeois class!
Further they can not claim to adhere materialism, opposed to idealism, as the base of their raison d’etre will be abolished.
So, if you are interested in fighting against fascism, against its base capitalism, the fight must be at the base and the force to fight against them is the exploited class, the proletarian class, through class struggle for establishing socialism, to destroy the monster for once and for ever. Otherwise the monster (Capital or Finance Capital) will be back among us with various masks; from social democracy to fascism, in between 21st Century Socialism, Crony Capitalism, good & bad capitalism, pro people capitalism, capitalism with good & kind hearted capitalists, like in Ram Rajya.
Friends, be firm in your own ideology, no wavering, no revinism, unite and struggle to abolish the last shred of capitalism in physical and in spiritual from, otherwise this virus is capable of reviving and enslaving you again!

Was Stalin murdered? The author says yes but he treats him as a dictator, without substantiating it.
Whatever, Stalin was and remains the great leader of the proletarian class of the world!

The Espresso Stalinist

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Published Date: Monday, November 14, 2011

For weeks, Joseph Stalin had been plagued with dizzy spells and high blood pressure. His personal physician, Professor V. N. Vinogradov had advised that Stalin step down as head of the government for health reasons. That was not what Stalin wanted to hear from the good doctor. Soon the Professor would pay for this temerity and indiscretion with his arrest and alleged involvement in the infamous Doctor’s Plot (dyelo vrachey).

Joseph Stalin at workAccording to Dmitri Volkogonov in Stalin — Triumph and Tragedy (1991), the night before Stalin (photo, left) became ill, he inquired from Beria about the status of the case against the doctors and specifically about the interrogation of Professor Vinogradov. Minister of State Security Lavrenti Beria replied, “Apart from his other unfavorable qualities, the professor has a long tongue. He has told…

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The US government has intelligence and military people whose full time job is to re-edit any Wikipedia post or other article anywhere that is against the US regime!
State which evolved by the side of human civilisation, was tasked to safeguard the property of the commune against other communes and occasionally from its own people, so that the rightful distribution system is maintained. However, as techniques to garner food and other required necessities for their survival improved, “property” was raised more than their consumption and it became possible for few of them to hold “higher” posts without working for basic necessities!
Slow but steadily, since then, state has become very powerful and the gap between itself and the rest mass has become wide. Now the State started vigilance over its citizens who ever planned to revolt against states’ corrupt personnel!
Property has grown in all dimensions, has also acquired ‘property’ of  being capital that is, quality of self-growing through “profit” or “super profit”!
Back to US plagiarism and super surveillance through PRISM has exposed the power of state and its capabilities to monitor world citizens and even “friendly” leaders to continue its hegemony and “edge” over rival economies!!
Here lies the crux of the matter of plagiarism, editing the anti-imperialist writings, surveillance!
It will not be fair if I close my writings without mentioning the other side of state’s oppression! World citizens are rising against all injustice who are already angry due the longest recession in history of humankind! Imperialists are not sitting quiet against this impending revolt but are busy planting their trusted traitors of 3rd world countries and own country to divert this revolt to fascism, internal war, conflict and even direct war against them!
Only time will tell us, how long this state sponsored terrorism survive!!

Trotsky & Trotskyism is as dangerous today in liquidating Marxism Leninism as as during Stalin’s time, if not worse.
Whenever, there is rise in working class unity & struggle, such trends, including Titoism, Social Democracy, Modern Revisionism, too, rise.
Western media, think tanks, secret agencies, paid trolls, money inadvertently finds their way into the movement.
We need disinformation drive and theoretical work continuously to counter these renegades continuously, along with practical work for the revolution to succeed!


“Trotsky, on the other hand, represents only his own personal vacillations and nothing more. In 1903 he was a Menshevik; he abandoned Menshevism in 1904, returned to the Mensheviks in 1905 and merely flaunted ultra-revolutionary phrases; in 1906 he left them again; at the end of 1906 he advocated electoral agreements with the Cadets (i.e., he was in fact once more with the Mensheviks); and in the spring of 1907, at the London Congress, he said that he differed from Rosa Luxemburg on “individual shades of ideas rather than on political tendencies”. One day Trotsky plagiarises from the ideological stock-in-trade of one faction; the next day he plagiarises from that of another, and therefore declares himself to be standing above both factions. In theory Trotsky is on no point in agreement with either the liquidators or the otzovists, but in actual practice he is in entire agreement with both”


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Negating Stalin is nothing but joining the Western propaganda to defame Marxism Leninism, destroy the historical task of the proletarian class to usher socialism by changing the genes of private property and converting it into social wealth.
CPSU, under the able leadership of Stalin, ensured industrialisation of USSR, eradication of unemployment, health & education to all, women’s equality & freedom, diminishing contradictions of the rural & urban USSR, defeating Nazis.
The only criticism of Stalin and the CPSU could be that they used Dictatorship of Proletarian bit less and let the traitors survive. These traitors did not deserve democratic approach and the right to self criticism and reform was unduly granted to them!
Well, we have lessons and very costly lessons from the treachery of Trotsky, Khrushchev, Tito and cliches. We must be well versed with their ideological and physical treason as well as with that of the modern revisionism, in name of democratic rights, in name of personality cult, which is blamed by the enemies of the working class on Stalin, in name of super imperialism, which has ‘diminished’ the contradiction of labour and capital, whereas the truth is just opposite!
Salute Stalin!

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joseph stalin - che guevaraChe Guevara: “I came to communism because of Stalin”.

By Nikos Mottas / In Defense of Communism.

Ernesto Che Guevara is undoubtedly a historical figure of the 20th century’s communist movement who attracts the interest of people from a vast range of political ideologies. The years followed his cowardly assassination in Bolivia, Che became a revolutionary symbol for a variety of marxist-oriented, leftist and progressive parties and organisations- from Trotskyists to militant leninists and from Social Democrats to anarcho-libertarians. A significant number of those who admire the argentine revolutionary identify themselves as “anti-stalinists”, hate and curse Stalin while they often refer to the so-called “crimes” of Stalin’s era. What is a contradiction and an irony of history is the following: Che Guevara himself was an admirer of Joseph Stalin.
On the occasion of the 63 years since the death of the great Soviet leader, let us remember…

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