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Suggestion in not a democratic fashion but with a threat comes to me that I must not eat beef, even if India is the biggest exporter of beef!
Suggestion in form of order is coming, what I should wear in office, in public and even at my home.
Can I have a picnic with my atheist friends to celebrate Bhagat Singh’s birthday or organise a lecture in his memory on his martyrdom? Function can be attacked by a mob, who will teach me what to do and what not!

It is not an issue of wearing traditional dresses in office just once or twice, but part of a trend, a small part of a very big issue. The big issue is not only related to dresses, food habits, prayer, caste/religion/nation but even to our pockets, our employment, our education & health, our land if we are a tribe or a farmer, our demand of OROP, if we are soldiers, our falling social, economic and political status in a society, which is divided into class or classes!
It is related to the profit rate of the big capitalists, big financiers, big MNCs, FDI and is under the guidance of IMF, World Bank, Foreign Finance of US, EU and even China, Russia!

Hope you get the picture of the whole and how are they interrelated and in motion. Hindu Rashtra or Islam in Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Christianity in Western Countries are mere feudal tools in the hands of the super oligarchs who with the help/services of your governments, henchmen, compradors, police, army, and judiciary control you, your movement.
Even Aadhaar, and such applications in Bangladesh and Pakistan, is being enforced upon the people by the American imperialism, so that in case they find you are a trouble maker, have potentials of uniting the working class to overthrow its empire, hegemony, your whereabouts and past can be tracked easily and you are, if needed, eliminated! GOI deposed in SC few days back that an Indian has no right to live without its consent!
There are many examples, including attacking a sovereign nation, like Grenada, interfering in Venezuela, threatening North Korea! Not a single year has lapsed after II WW, when a nation was not attacked by the imperialist empire and more than 15 Crore Earthians were murdered. This does not include coup-d’état and internal murders in these countries by the CIA aided governments!
So, friends, it’s not simple matter, it’s not matter of a temple or mosque or church or dress or food code. The enemy is a system with a massive wherewithal and never dare to revolt in solitary or in a small terrorist manner, you will be defeated, terminated and you will only serve as a lesson for the survivors.
It is fascism, a form of capitalism, though qualitatively different than its mother, capitalism. It adopts a section of bourgeois class, writers, film actors and actresses, known public figures, even from exploited sections like from minorities and Dalits (In India). It buys a section of working class as well, unemployed youths and students, lumpen workers. It promotes few leaders of smaller sections at the level of village/municipality by ensuring their selections and victory, give them economic incentives, like permit to run a public transport, gas or petrol agency, etc. Even government officials of police, army, and judiciary are not spared as they are very powerful part of bourgeois ‘democracy’ and would be pillars of fascism.
Hereafter, the dictatorship of the capitalist class is entrenched deeper into the society, government and the plunder of the majority of the population, natural resources, public property earned by the working class over decades goes unlimited! The whole movement is to increase the profit rate of the oligarchs, big capitalists, financiers and to accumulate more and even more, as the race to an uncertain figure is unlimited, the greed (Due cut throat competition among monopoly capitalists as well) is bestial and insatiable.
Join a revolutionary party, unite with the exploited mass, and multiply your anger and power to smash the enemy, to establish a true, scientific socialism to breathe in a free environment, an exploitation free society!
Today is 199th birth anniversary of Karl Marx! Salute the leader of the world proletarian class! Long live Class unity and class struggle!


Russian FM Lavrov reminds USA of war crimes in Yugoslavia! Full post

A very good reminder to the American citizens and those world citizens who are still under impression that America is a democratic country and it cares for the world peace!

True face of American imperialism is not limited to the Yugoslav mutilation but the very fact that US & UK have not missed a single year after 2nd WW, when they did not attack a sovereign nation! They have murdered more than 150 millions of people in that! And all this to capture their market, natural wealth & public property!

The imperialist capitalism has not only captured the world market & the people but even their minds through their controlled media, the rulers of the respective countries, educational institutions, Social Media paid trolls and all other conceivable means!

Why there are voices of dissent, mass protest against their rulers & US hegemony! Friend, its hunger, mass unemployment & degradation of human values! That forces us, the working class, peasants to think, study, interact among ourselves, unite and revolt!

This is not sufficient to defeat the rotten 500 years old dying capitalism! We have to prepare to take over the power and defeat the reactionary! If needed, by force! #Socialism

Came across perchance!

This is interesting. I thought I will let you know about this!
1 Yes. There is discomfort among ISIS after Russian intervention.
2. 3,000 ISIS fighters have fled Syria for Jordan
3 Whereas foreign ISIS fighters are sticking on, The Syrian ISIS fighters are fleeing
4 Syrian army has been emboldened after Russian intervention to launch ground artillery action agst ISIS. This is succeeding
5 Iraq now wants Russia to also intervene in Iraq agst ISIS.
6 According to some observers ISIS will be considerably dented in the next few weeks
 If true, this proves that USA airstrikes agst ISIS were a failure. It also shows that if Russia succeeds in Syria in eliminating ISIS, USA  would become a laughing stock of the world.
Imperialism disintegrating!

“do you really believe the current fairy tale pricing of assets, ALL ASSETS will hold during a financial war with China? Or during a real war with Russia?”

Good article, though some speculations, but may be they were needed? Political economy is more difficult than philosophy today, which is very complicated!

Good point is there is contradiction in imperialist camp, and that is pretty wide and further cracking up!

Are we revolutionaries ready to exploit this situation at right opportune? #Socialism

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