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Imperialism is the worst monster that humanity has ever seen. It is nothing but monopoly capitalism, the highest stage of capitalism!
Monopoly capitalism does not ‘kill’ the competition but enhances it to even very higher level, where it creates war & terrorism for profit, to monopolise the world market, to keep the opposition under control!
Taliban, ISIS, etc are nothing but part of imperialist capitalism, US/NATO and allies!
Earlier the existence of USSR gave it ‘moral’ ground to create Taliban and now the sharp competition by rising imperialist Russia, China to continue its ugly design!
What is our role? We the revolutionaries, the working class, peasants must unite, work against capitalism at all levels to demolish this last economic relation, based on class division, to free the humanity from bloody war, terrorism, exploitation, religious and national oppression, discrimination based on sex, caste, creed, race, colour, etc!

Full article:,000-diplomatic-cables-which-reveals-how-the-cia-created-isis

Came across perchance!

This is interesting. I thought I will let you know about this!
1 Yes. There is discomfort among ISIS after Russian intervention.
2. 3,000 ISIS fighters have fled Syria for Jordan
3 Whereas foreign ISIS fighters are sticking on, The Syrian ISIS fighters are fleeing
4 Syrian army has been emboldened after Russian intervention to launch ground artillery action agst ISIS. This is succeeding
5 Iraq now wants Russia to also intervene in Iraq agst ISIS.
6 According to some observers ISIS will be considerably dented in the next few weeks
 If true, this proves that USA airstrikes agst ISIS were a failure. It also shows that if Russia succeeds in Syria in eliminating ISIS, USA  would become a laughing stock of the world.
Imperialism disintegrating!