By Comrade Kwame Capitalism, the final epoch of class society, can be described in the simplest terms, as sickening. That is to be taken in the most literal sense, as in, capitalist society renders the masses of people forced to live in it literally ill. The disease that capitalism forces onto its victims afflicts the […]

“Revolutionary suicide is choosing capitalism’s overthrow over overdose. It is choosing communiques instead of suicide notes. Revolutionary suicide is the refusal to give in to capitalism, even in the face of death.”
Wonderful article, based on dialectical materialism, explaining sucide with the capitalist mode of production & exploitation.
“It has been established that capitalism leads to mental illness, and mental illness leads to suicidality.”
And more brilliantly, ““the individual’s need for life contradicts capital’s need for surplus value”!
And finally,
“Social relations translate themselves completely into the material of the body and the image of bodies = psyche; the individual produces his body and psyche in the production process organized by capitalism.”
In India, the capitalism (Monopoly capitalism or imperialism) has enslaved and divided the working class & peasants by re-appropriating the feudal mode of social oppression, that is, caste system. This is a social hierarchy, which is rigid, leading to untouchability & where by birth a person adopts caste of his family, from which he or she cannot get freedom. Capitalism enforces this in wage inequality as well, making super profit for itself & mental degradation to the sufferers. Is religion different for the capitalist class & its political managers in using against the oppressors?
Absolutely no. The last paragraph of the article is worth reading again for the solution!

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