British culture, democratic norms or even constitution is not stagnant and is guided directly by the production relation, status of circulation of products (Overproduction or not), social and political turmoil thereof.
This is universal for the mankind. One who sees it in stagnation, the present without its relation with the past and denying the future pregnant with changes, is nothing but philistine.
Present economic slowdown, recession since 2008 has “forced” finance capital, imperialist powers to smash all the “democratic” rights of the working class, peasants to plunder them outright, as the market, even with monopolisation, is unable to garner profit and grow!
The undeveloped countries are facing worse condition and rise of fascism (the most rotten form of capitalism), is discernible, like in India, Ukraine, Poland, etc!
The working class, peasants and other exploited sections of the society, world over, are pushed to the corner, where unemployment, poverty, reduced wages is common. And all this is in name of nationalism!
The resistance is also visible. Any call to protest is taken enthusiastically, be it Europe, Russia, Africa, Arab or Latin countries, India, etc. Millions of proletariat come out on road to denounce reform, which eventually is pro capital and anti labour, in form of cut in wages, labour laws, land acquisition, cut in people’s amenities, like education, health, public transportation and utilities, higher taxes, allow degradation of environment and to “counterbalance” waiving off billions worth unpaid taxes and loans of the big capitalists, financiers!
What we need is a unifying ideology and that has to be only a revolutionary one, which will guide/lead the working class to take over the power of few big elites to hire millions of workers and appropriate the surplus value and negate such privilege in future and thus destroying the base of all forms of exploitation, oppression of a man by another man!
And that is Marxist Leninist ideology!



When I was young, we were taught at school that as we lived in a post-modern and affluent multicultural society, we had the moral and ‘legal’ right to choose our own identities, and to pick any aspect of any culture (or none) that suited the best way that we felt, expressed our inner ideals and values in the outer world. Although we were technically ‘British’, and possessed many different ethnicities (such as English, Scottish, Irish, Welsh, Indian, Chinese, or West Indian, etc), we had no ‘ideological’ notion whereby we ‘objectified’ our own identity, or related in any way to a racist ‘nationalism’ as professed by the far-right neo-Nazi ‘National Front’, or any number of its off-shoots or imitators. There was no need to emphasis our national identity (as we were ‘naturally’ the product of the prevailing culture), and we were not forced to relate to a ‘sterile’ notion of ‘Britishness’…

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