“Describing the present economic situation as “unsustainable” and fearing the rise of “toxic nationalism”, Mr Varoufakis said governments needed to prepare for post-capitalism by introducing redistributive wealth policies.”
Having understood that capitalism is coming to an end because it has made itself obsolete. But what will replace it is not definitely what he formulates and advises the governments to introduce “redistributive wealth policies”!
Like any other Social Democrats, Anarchists, 21st Century Socialists, Liberals he fails to understand the Historical Materialism, what brought capitalism, what will replace it.
““So now there is no doubt capital is being socially produced, and the returns are being privatised” true but replacing capitalism in field of distribution/circulation or “returns to be distributed more humanly” is no solution!
And “This with artificial intelligence is going to be the end of capitalism.” No. This is philistinism, petty bourgeois outlook, which wants ‘democratic’ transformation of the present into the desired future. Liberals, pseudo intellectuals, who claim China to be a Socialist country, will love this but not the adherents of Scientific Socialists!
Friends, only a revolution, led by the working class, with other exploited classes, to dislodge the hegemony of capital and replace it by the hegemony of the working class, the direct producers will ensure end of all forms of exploitation of a man by another!
Beware of pseudo Socialists, they are as dangerous as capitalist henchmen!

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