A cunning bourgeois leader, who wants to control the circulation or distribution, after the production is complete. He and the CPC have opened the production field to the big capitalists, including foreign MNCs. Billions worth public property were transferred to the individual capitalists “legally” and a very high GDP was achieved, not disclosing the miseries of the workers, becoming pauper. Production for profit is the norm in China today!
Stock market, “pride” of any capitalist country, is thriving in China. All the symptoms of a capitalist production is visible here; inflation, massive unemployment, poverty, economic crisis, corruption, gigantic inequality, wage slavery, hire & fire policy by the bourgeois owners, use of fictitious capital! Same time 100s of “Smart Cities” unoccupied, as there are no buyers, that is, over production!
I am sure, most of you are aware of these facts, so why am I enumerating these facts?
We have no direct link to the Chinese working class, but feel their pain, as they belong to our class. Same time, the treachery of CPC is visible, which claims to be adhering to Marxism, Maoism. Maoism, of course, was and is following deep revisionism. But, ironically, there are some comrades, who believe that socialism, that is socialised means of production, socialised production, exists in China!
Comrades, unless the production, that is, means of production is not completely under the control of the working class, socialism is not possible. Same thing can be say here again, that the wage slavery, a person’s “right” to employ another to expropriate Surplus Value is banned, private property is completely negated to form social wealth, socialism is impossible!
Socialism means complete detachment from capitalism, the production relation is reversed, nay, its negated to establish the hegemony of the proletarian class!
Will that not eliminate unemployment at a single stroke, where one or CPC does not have to eliminate over the decades. In fact CPC had been trying more than 6 decades to eradicate the capitalist evils, which is rising everyday, as the mother of all evil capitalism is not only live but growing!
Let us not be naive to believe that Social Democracy, 21st Century Socialism will bring about a revolution and establish socialism. Situation is worse that 1917, when we had Bolshevik Revolution, which of course was defeated by the Khrushchev and cliches treachery! They got ideological support from CPC, Tito, Anarchists, Trots, WSP and all other brands of “Socialism”, who despise the working class, its revolutionary party, its ascendency to state power and the dictatorship against capitalist traitors, in various sections of the society, open or hidden!
Our victory is a historical fact, cannot be undone. We have to achieve it politically and economically. Path is undiluted Marxism Leninism, building of a revolutionary party, uniting the working class and other exploited classes, struggle till we capture the state power, demolish existing bourgeois state machineries, if needed do away the leftover evils of feudal as well as capitalists evils, strictly develop socialist society! This task is needed the world over.
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!