Imperialist capitalism, its secret & hidden agencies, its apologists, ideologues have deeply penetrated into the communist parties, proletarian revolution. The governments of the third world countries are openly working on their instructions. The recent entry of Mossad in India is an example.
Devoiding Marxism of Leninism (Bolshevism) is to make this science, this potent weapon of the proletarian class stunted, absurd. This is to alienate the ideology with its action! And destroy or delay the impending revolution and give breathing space to moribund capitalism!
Its our immediate task to re-establish Marxism Leninism, uphold socialist building in USSR and other socialist blocks, differentiate between pre Stalin and post Stalin era, support the working class resistance world over and be part of this resistance and party building for the impending revolution!
Naturally, its our task to expose and defeat revisionists of all hue; the Trots, Titoites, Khrushchevites, Anarchists, Social Democrats, WSP brand and all other renegades!
Its our task to understand ML ideology in all aspect, in philosophy, in economics, in politics, in all its interconnections and be part of the movement to complete our historical task, the socialist revolution!
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!

Red Youth

From the 15th to the 18th of September, Red Youth attended the international “leftist” political festival in Paris, Fête de l’Humanité.

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