Stalin furthered Marxism Leninism to strengthen Socialism in USSR. He was not only for the USSR but for the working class of the world, as a leader of the USSR! He is to be seen as the leader of the CPSU & not as an individual!
Khrushchev and gang did treason to restore capitalism. Trotskyites, Titoites, Social democrats were other traitors to the working class to join the imperialist capitalists and their agents, theorists.
Our aim is to re-establish ML ideology, socialist gains, which the workers & peasants achieved in USSR, the first state of the working class and other socialist countries, disseminate the lessons learnt in those revolutionary periods, re-unite the proletarian class and its allies to defeat the hegemony of capital in all forms.
Our aim is to ally with those forces who are with the same vision & goal to further our revolutionary work, share our experiences, irrespective of their nationalities, colour, religion, caste & creed, gender!
Our aim is a classless society, where wage slavery is abolished & yet unemployment is history, private property becomes social wealth, the world becomes a family with all its lovable contradictions & unity.
The aim is possible only through revolutionary ideology, a revolutionary party to lead a revolution under the leadership of the working class, capture the state power, demolish the bourgeois machineries, establish proletarian dictatorship against the bourgeois left overs and against those who want to restore capitalism!
Long live revolution! Workers of the world unite!
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