Socialist revolution is inevitable (and not in far future but in near foreseeable one). In which part or parts of the world will it break? And when exactly? We cannot forecast.
Yet, we are certain about some characteristics of this revolution, like who will lead it, what will be its basic ideology, who will support us and who will oppose us! We have a very clear understanding of our friends and enemies.
We have a very rich heritage and lessons of such revolution, which broke out in 1917, consolidated itself, ran the new states very efficiently, defeated more powerful and more prepared military, gave a potent tool in hands of the exploited and oppressed working people, spread in a big portion of the Earth!
We are superior to our enemy philosophically, despite the rise of Right Wing reactionaries. Our economic theory is scientific and capable of abolishing the recurrent economic boom and doom, abolishing unemployment, inflation, poverty for ever.
Our politics is based on Historical Materialism, which is for the most advanced class in the history of the mankind, that is the proletarian class, to work for classless society, to establish a society where wage slavery is buried for ever and exploitation of a man by man is unimaginable!
Yes, we do remember, our defeat in hands of imperialist capitalism and our own internal traitors; the Khrushchevites, Titoites, Trotskyites, Social Democrats and Revisionists in various countries. We have learnt, though painful lessons, from our defeat but today we are more powerful than ever, despite being weak numerologically, quantitatively. But we know our consistent effort with Billions of workers, peasants in our respective boundaries of countries, we will change it, will rise again qualitatively, rise with the mass movement, lead it for a proletarian revolution.
Our slogan “Workers of the world unite” is evergreen, though we work at our regional level. We are the real nationalists as far as resisting imperialism and compradors are concerned and internationalist as far as breaking the nationalist boundary is concerned. We are working for the exploited class does not make us selfish but on the contrary we work for the whole mankind. We are only ones who can and will free the mankind from the yoke of capital, from ignorance, superstition, from the miseries of managing day to day subsistence, from terrorism and war.
Revolutionary greetings Comrades! Long live revolution!