How desperate is the ruling class?
Fake news, fake photoshops, fake data, fake ego boosting materials, fake nationalism, fake religion (Religion, itself, is based on fake concept of god), adulterated food & medicines, fake companies, fake education & certificates, fake religious & cultural gurus/charlatans have flooded the electronic & social media.
But why? The ruling class (the big capitalists and its state in its service) is unable to exploit the mass, run the show in previous, relatively calm times. It is forced to rule and suppress the working class, peasants, who are rising to demand job and a worthy life.
And what is the reality? Rising unemployment, inflation, crime & corruption, hatred among the communities. On global scale, rising terrorism and war, in addition to what we see in our own country.
Present economic, political, social order has reached a dead end. There is no road further, except the destruction of the productive forces (the engine of any progress of the mankind, the engine of creation of social wealth, from needle, to grains to ships & space crafts).
There are two paths here onwards for you and the mankind. Join the road of massive destruction, riding on hatred, paid political agents/managers & goons, corporate’s media, foreign secret agencies, like CIA/Mossad/MI6, Billion worth black money. This has already converted at least one Billion Earthians as non-human-entity; living creatures on road, streets, without clothes/food/voting cards/identity proofs. Such non-human-entity, beggars are visible in every city/village of India, in every market, at the door of every place of worship!
Second is known to you. Socialist Bhagat Singh and his ideology, with all its addition, enrichments, lessons which was gained in Soviet and struggle of the exploited class, world over!
There is no third alternate. Those who say, third alternative exists, like reform in present economic, political, social system are part of same bourgeois class, befooling the mass, trying to buy time for the revolt of mass to subside.
Unite against all forms of Right Ideology, against all forms of injustice and exploitation, unite & prepare for the impending revolution, to ensure the victory of the revolution, to establish a real people’s democracy!