Source: Nazi German Atrocities During WWII (in Photographs)


Are we back to those days? More than 60,000 people starve to death everyday and where the American military has murdered more than 15 Crore people after II WW?
Of course, we can not revisit the history but in different fashion, where the Americans can bomb & destroy any sovereign nation at its will. African nations, barring few, resemble utter destruction, despite having gigantic natural resources, due to massive plunder by the imperialist powers, including China! Though we know the American empire is coming to an end!
Economically, the Earthians were never so bad, where only 8 people have what half the Earthians have.             1 Billion have no basics to live like a human!
Have we reached Super Imperialism? From where we can not march ahead? Obviously no! The imperialist empire is crumbling from within due massive contradiction and rift for hegemony and profit share. The exploited mass is protesting, even though in disunited fashion, without the revolutionary aim of destroying the hegemony of private property!

Yes, we will overcome the hurdles created by capitalism to forge our own rule, and own state, a classless society, a society without miseries! The much awaited Socialism!