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Our Mother, West Papua
I no longer walk her beautiful
landscape, I am a prisoner
in my own homeland, stripped
off my heritage, my culture.
I stand naked before my
tormentors, crying to the
deaf world, the world blind
to our just course, how we
long to rise the morning
star, Merdeka Papua our dear
mother is war-torn, ploughed
with mass graves and shallow
graves, I have buried my
mother’s sons and daughters.
While our fathers and sons
bury their heads, turn into
shadows who lay flat on the
ground that forever bleeds, for
our mother west papua is raped
every day by jellyfish settlers from
the lands of Indonesia, backed by
the powers that be and condone
by our silence as a power of beings.
|Suss KaMzibeni|

(Note: West Papua is a forced colony of Indonesia, where a plebiscite was carried out under the “supervision” of UNO to decide if this mineral rich nation will continue to be under the colonial power Indonesia or will be a free nation. In a charismatic poll, less than 1% of the population exercised their right to vote and the result was in the favour of occupying country!
Fight is continuing by the rightful owners of this part of the Earth, even against the severe repression by the imperialist powers!
Only Socialism will ensure a true Right to Secede and democratic rights of the peoples!)