Social democracy is part of bourgeois conspiracy to derail the working class movement for a scientific socialism. It works to ‘curtail’ power of the bourgeois class, tax it more and ensure no tax evasion, no waiving off the loans to give “concessions” to the working class. This essentially means a reform in distribution system and keep the production relation intact. Keep the means of production in hands of the capitalist class, keep the wage slavery intact, do not touch the fort of Private Property! The last theory is so dear to the middle class sycophants, as it keeps their ‘freedom of thought’ intact!!!
Social Democracy advocates that the management of production and services is beyond the workers capabilities, hence they must sell their labour power and get back a decent wage and remain satisfied!
Their treachery or the real blood stained face is visible during economic crisis, what we saw as examples in Greece and other parts of EU, UK, US and even in undeveloped nations, where the ruling class is not in “condition” to share the plunder back to the working class, as they are forced to share with the MNCs, FDIs, foreign monopoly capitalists. The working class, despite its heroic struggle against its class enemy remains divided and is unable to bargain a better contract, a better living standard.
Even during war, they support their governments as part of lobby of the arm dealers, big oil oligarchs, financiers. Bernie supports US attack on Syria!!!
In India, those all parties, who support “Socialism”, are nothing but power hunger parasites; like SP, BSP, AAP, RJD, DMK, AIADMK, BJD etc. Now even Lefts, namely, CPI, CPM, CPI(ML) and their various allies are nothing but examples of Social Democrats! They objectively create social base for fascism.
However, the question raised by Dimitrov is very pertinent, is on line of class politics, is to promote class unity & struggle! I am for working with the cadre of these social democratic parties, leaving their leaders alone, including even the middle level, as they are degenerated lots and have lost all fire to work for the exploited, have become parasites, and are ‘natural’ allies of the right wing parties. We have 100s or even 1000s of CPM/CPI workers, who have joined TMC or even BJP!
However, depending on the situation, a different tactical line may be taken to strengthen the working class in its historical task!
National Front to resist fascism is necessary and these Social Democrats can be part of it but never take them for granted as permanent allies for a proletarian revolution, socialist revolution!

The Espresso Stalinist

Dimitrov to Stalin, 1 July 1934. Original in Russian. Type-written, with handwritten comments by Stalin.


From C. Dimitrov

Dear Com. Stalin!

The enclosed draft outline of [my] speech shows how I see the essence of the speech regarding the 2nd point of the agenda of the congress. In addition, I would like to raise in our forthcoming conversation the following questions:

I. On Social Democracy [1]

1. Whether it is correct to refer to social democracy indiscriminately as social-fascism. By taking such a position, we have frequently blocked our way to social democratic workers. [2]

2. Whether it is correct to consider social democracy everywhere and at all times the main social base of the bourgeoisie. [3]

3. Whether it is correct to consider all leftist s[ocial] d[emocratic] groups as a major threat under any conditions. [4]

4. Whether it is correct to treat all the leading cadres of…

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