Master of dialectics. Parliamentarianism as a historical fact and as a political need, as for the intellectuals & the advanced sections of the working class and that for the masses!!
More you read, more you correlate with the ground reality, more you practice in class struggle, more you appreciate him!
Any act, bereft of class line, will be politically a wrong line and will be an obstacle in proletarian revolution!

The Espresso Stalinist


“It is with the utmost contempt—and the utmost levity—that the German ‘Left’ Communists reply to this question in the negative. Their arguments? In the passage quoted above we read:

‘. . . All reversion to parliamentary forms of struggle, which have become historically and politically obsolete, must be emphatically rejected. . . .’

This is said with ridiculous pretentiousness, and is patently wrong. ‘Reversion’ to parliamentarianism, forsooth! Perhaps there is already a Soviet republic in Germany? It does not look like it! How, then, can one speak of ‘reversion?’ Is this not an empty phrase?

Parliamentarianism has become ‘historically obsolete.’ That is true in the propaganda sense. However, everybody knows that this is still a far cry from overcoming it in practice. Capitalism could have been declared—and with full justice—to be ‘historically obsolete’ many decades ago, but that does not at all remove the need for a very…

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