Vijay Mallya is arrested & may be brought back to India. Even same may happen to Lalit Modi. May be Vadra, too, is arrested.
May be Ram Temple is erected in Ayodhya. May be Article 370 is demolished in J&K. May be Cow Slaughter is banned in entire India.
I am bringing these possibilities to the attention to my SM friends, who are very fond of ‘challenging’ RSS to bridge the gap between their sayings and doings.
Yes, hypocrisy is a synonym of Right Wing bourgeois parties but not necessarily in above quoted examples. You can google and find what Hitler said and what all he did in reality.
During economic crisis, the working class revolts and one of the known, tested and successful measure to crush them is divide them through “extraordinary” measures, which makes the middle class nitwits proud in their state authority.
Fascism has better means to judge your activities through organised & paid think tanks, repression measures and to save its rule, it even may punish/destroy some of its own parts, persons, along with millions of people!
Yes, what they are incapable of doing, even if they want to do so, is to bring down unemployment to zero, finish crime/corruption from the society as they are “babies” of capitalism. For this the profit rate of the ruling class will go down to zero if not in negative, which though happens in economic crisis. They can not establish the rule of the proletarian class by replacing the bourgeois class!
Further they can not claim to adhere materialism, opposed to idealism, as the base of their raison d’etre will be abolished.
So, if you are interested in fighting against fascism, against its base capitalism, the fight must be at the base and the force to fight against them is the exploited class, the proletarian class, through class struggle for establishing socialism, to destroy the monster for once and for ever. Otherwise the monster (Capital or Finance Capital) will be back among us with various masks; from social democracy to fascism, in between 21st Century Socialism, Crony Capitalism, good & bad capitalism, pro people capitalism, capitalism with good & kind hearted capitalists, like in Ram Rajya.
Friends, be firm in your own ideology, no wavering, no revinism, unite and struggle to abolish the last shred of capitalism in physical and in spiritual from, otherwise this virus is capable of reviving and enslaving you again!