Trotsky & Trotskyism is as dangerous today in liquidating Marxism Leninism as as during Stalin’s time, if not worse.
Whenever, there is rise in working class unity & struggle, such trends, including Titoism, Social Democracy, Modern Revisionism, too, rise.
Western media, think tanks, secret agencies, paid trolls, money inadvertently finds their way into the movement.
We need disinformation drive and theoretical work continuously to counter these renegades continuously, along with practical work for the revolution to succeed!


“Trotsky, on the other hand, represents only his own personal vacillations and nothing more. In 1903 he was a Menshevik; he abandoned Menshevism in 1904, returned to the Mensheviks in 1905 and merely flaunted ultra-revolutionary phrases; in 1906 he left them again; at the end of 1906 he advocated electoral agreements with the Cadets (i.e., he was in fact once more with the Mensheviks); and in the spring of 1907, at the London Congress, he said that he differed from Rosa Luxemburg on “individual shades of ideas rather than on political tendencies”. One day Trotsky plagiarises from the ideological stock-in-trade of one faction; the next day he plagiarises from that of another, and therefore declares himself to be standing above both factions. In theory Trotsky is on no point in agreement with either the liquidators or the otzovists, but in actual practice he is in entire agreement with both”


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