Negating Stalin is nothing but joining the Western propaganda to defame Marxism Leninism, destroy the historical task of the proletarian class to usher socialism by changing the genes of private property and converting it into social wealth.
CPSU, under the able leadership of Stalin, ensured industrialisation of USSR, eradication of unemployment, health & education to all, women’s equality & freedom, diminishing contradictions of the rural & urban USSR, defeating Nazis.
The only criticism of Stalin and the CPSU could be that they used Dictatorship of Proletarian bit less and let the traitors survive. These traitors did not deserve democratic approach and the right to self criticism and reform was unduly granted to them!
Well, we have lessons and very costly lessons from the treachery of Trotsky, Khrushchev, Tito and cliches. We must be well versed with their ideological and physical treason as well as with that of the modern revisionism, in name of democratic rights, in name of personality cult, which is blamed by the enemies of the working class on Stalin, in name of super imperialism, which has ‘diminished’ the contradiction of labour and capital, whereas the truth is just opposite!
Salute Stalin!

Ελληνικό Αρχείο Τσε Γκεβάρα © Guevaristas

joseph stalin - che guevaraChe Guevara: “I came to communism because of Stalin”.

By Nikos Mottas / In Defense of Communism.

Ernesto Che Guevara is undoubtedly a historical figure of the 20th century’s communist movement who attracts the interest of people from a vast range of political ideologies. The years followed his cowardly assassination in Bolivia, Che became a revolutionary symbol for a variety of marxist-oriented, leftist and progressive parties and organisations- from Trotskyists to militant leninists and from Social Democrats to anarcho-libertarians. A significant number of those who admire the argentine revolutionary identify themselves as “anti-stalinists”, hate and curse Stalin while they often refer to the so-called “crimes” of Stalin’s era. What is a contradiction and an irony of history is the following: Che Guevara himself was an admirer of Joseph Stalin.
On the occasion of the 63 years since the death of the great Soviet leader, let us remember…

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