Today working class is divided on almost all fronts. Division due religion, colour, region existed since long but their venom has grown many times, in recent times.
The revolt by the working class after the economic crisis of 2008 was massive and world over. But due lack of revolutionary aim, revolutionary ideology and revolutionary party to lead them, it disintegrated.
The imperialist capitalism counter attacked and the result is visible in US, India, Ukraine, Syria, Latin American nations, France and many other.
The erstwhile Socialist blocs, who had already forfeited their gains of revolution after the treachery of Khrushchev & cliches, Tito, Trots and others, are no exception, after capitalist restoration. Mao seemed satisfied with the idea of replacing the world proletarian leader Stalin and let “Mao Thought” replace Marxism Leninism, harmed the cause more than the unity it could foster.
Enver Hoxa and the Labour Party of Albania kept the revolutionary flag high, but ultimately it lost the battle against imperialist capitalism!
Now what? Undoubtedly, re-establish Marxist Leninist theory, unite & struggle to establish proletarian dictatorship. Defeat capitalism, establish socialism, complete the historical task assigned to the most advanced class of the human civilisation so far.
Comrades, any other combination, permutation in this scientific theory is only an effort to dilute our unity, dilute our struggle and subvert our revolution!