Not only the ignorant and superstitious mind creates many gods but also many devils and the mind itself makes them fight, makes them dance, makes god victorious, devils lose but finally makes mankind weak, helpless.
Many manifestos are meant to ‘satisfy’, ‘befool’, or ‘create unity for struggle’ for the various classes and sections of the society, divided into various religions, caste, nations, etc!
Mankind; basically the poor, the exploited; likes to believe (As per their mental makeup, based on the class they belong to) that if it prays to the god, bows in front of god, throws its ego and knowledge, begs god for forgiveness and riches; the master or the god may fulfil the mankind’s wishes!!! This mental slavery is product of class divided society, like in Feudalism, the King was made by the god itself to rule the people!
End of class, end of present classes, the capitalist and the working class, will ensure free minds and such ‘creation’ will cease due the scientific & exploitation free material background and environment and scientific education!
Hereafter, there will be no manifesto needed but only the programmes for the future production of wealth & services needed by the people, further scientific exploration to discover the unknown mystery of the nature or the Universe , technologies to reduce the manual work! These programmes will also include sports, arts, spiritualism, entertainment, individual’s all round progress, etc.
Till then, we have the master manifesto, the Communist Manifesto, for the working class, the most advanced class in the evolution of the mankind and the last class, which will rule the society, before it destroys the exploiters, the capitalist class and itself for a classless society.
Any other manifesto for the exploited class will be extension of the quoted manifesto, keeping the existing conditions of a particular society to enhance the class unity & struggle, dialectically!