Quoting Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Enver hoxha is one thing and being a Marxist Leninist is another!
There are Marxists and there are Marxists, which leads to even Trotskyism, Titoism, Anarchism, Social democracy, etc. By quoting same paragraph, one deducts that now on electoral revolution will only succeed, while other deducts that only violent revolution will succeed!
In India and many other undeveloped countries, these Marxists conclude that we need Democratic revolution, while others are for Socialist revolution. These two different paths will decide which class to lead and which class to come in support during revolution. What should be immediate tactics and strategies.
This outcome may not be due sheer opportunism but even due ignorance, not able to grasp the law of revolution in totality.
What is to be done? Discussion in study circles, reading more, joining working class for practical, self criticism!
Comrades, get out of the shell we are in, out of philistinism. Right’s march, since the ‘retreat of rise of working class all over EU, US, Latin America and even Africa and Asia in 2008’ is painful. Fascism, not in its classical form, but in the latest one is already among us. US, Indian, Ukraine are the few examples.
Unity & struggle was the need for the proletarian revolution but now its is additionally needed for our very survival! Historical task of this revolution is crying loud enough to be heard even by the bourgeois apologists but what about us, the Left leaders, ideologues?