Before the war, it was calculated that the three richest countries – Britain, France and Germany – got between eight and ten thousand million francs a year from the export of capital alone, apart from other sources.

It goes without saying that, out of this tidy sum, at least five hundred millions can be spent as a sop to the labour leaders and the labour aristocracy, i.e., on all sorts of bribes. The whole thing boils down to nothing but bribery. It is done in a thousand different ways: by increasing cultural facilities in the largest centres, by creating educational institutions, and by providing co-operative, trade union and parliamentary leaders with thousands of cushy jobs. This is done where-ever present-day civilised capitalist relations exist. It is these thousands of millions in superprofits that form the economic basis of opportunism in the working-class movement. In America, Britain and France we see a far greater persistence of the opportunist leaders, of the upper crust of the working class, the labour aristocracy; they offer stronger resistance to the Communist movement. That is why we must be prepared to find it harder for the European and American workers’ parties to get rid of this disease than was the case in our country. We know that enormous successes have been achieved in the treatment of this disease since the Third International was formed, but we have not yet finished the job; the purging of the workers’ parties, the revolutionary parties of the proletariat all over the world, of bourgeois influences, of the opportunists in their ranks, is very far from complete.

Forget about Lenin, forget about Communism, but how about the fact that Imperialists are sucking the life line of the 3rd world countries, the latters natural wealth does not belong to them; Iraq, Libya are the latest example!
And, we know that the workers of Imperialist countries are in much better condition and are not only opposed to any revolution or the idea of throwing their war mongering government, but also support their governments’ effort to get 3rd world countries’ market opened for their Corporates, if politically not possible, then militarily!
Last 3-4 years, there has been huge demonstrations by the workers of the developed countries! Was it due the change of their ideas towards their ‘comrades’ in 3rd world countries?
The longest recession in the world, reduced the profit rate of big corporates, got many banks’ reeling and on the verge of bankruptcy and their ‘friend’ started taking measures to check further fall of profit and only way was to cut in measures which put excess burden to these ‘white coloured’ workers and the opposition was the outcome, but yet it failed to bring any logical result as their unity for a change with any revolutionary failed and the government was too smart and diluted their all movements!
Lenin was right in analysis, but what he foresaw, failed, as there is no purging of “bourgeois influences, of the opportunists in their ranks, is very far from complete”, till today!
In fact, there is no revolutionary party to lead any mass revolution, what we see today is fragmented and half hearted effort by political ‘groups’, which get diluted or crushed by super powers in no time!
Only time will tell us what lies in future for hungry 1 Billion people, world over!