On the eve of the complete recovery of Aleppo City, Rothschild puppet Obama issued a rather strange last minute attempt at saving the anti-Assad operation by granting a waiver for military restrict…

Source: Rothschild’s Greater Israel Plan is Effectively Defeated


Good analysis!
In short, the US hegemony is weakening economically, militarily, politically at faster rate.
It wont be wrong to say that the seed of this degeneration was sown much before but was nourished with the fertiliser & water at the time of disintegration of USSR! Sounds contradictory?
“End” of bipolar world gave birth to multipolar world and not a unipolar, as is understood popularly! And then after, the rise of EU, China and many other nations in Latin America and even in Asia and eventually Russia ensured erosion in US hegemony!
A positive sign for the world peace? Yes, but more importantly, the better opportunity for the world revolution, may be in a part of it initially, as the world police is old, diseased and is heading towards the grave!