I am part of many Social Media groups, like Whatsapp, FB, Twitter, etc! Find many posts, which were originated elsewhere but land up in our groups, sometime more than once! If one is a member of 10 groups, he finds same post 10-15 times!
They are boring, flood phones and worse dumb our brains, create ignorance, superstition, hatred! Even worse is getting addicted to forwarding them in as many groups as possible, as if he is part of some revolutionary movement!
Who is creating them? There are photo shops, making sick & disgusting comments on known leaders. The intellectual faculty is badly damaged by such acts! Is it perchance? Obviously not, but designed by the ruling class, which includes opposition & even foreign organisation!
There are IT Hubs, where paid trolls, with dozens of fake ids, are making such posts, photo shops, lies, hatred/war mongering slogans! They are part of riots, character assassination but are immune to police action!
Any number of new laws curbing them, sermons by political/religious leaders(They are the ones, who are getting this done), reforms in society is not going to stop this social, political menace! Their presence is even in streets to silence the opposition!
The solution, in very short, is Proletarian Culture!