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Charvak philosophy(Earlier than 5000 BC) did not only upheld materialism(Atheism) but also had an element of dialectics, though lack of scientific development, it was not possible for them to reach up to the heights of Hegel! Even Kent’s materialism was beyond their reach!
Nonetheless, they denied the existence of god, reincarnation and other religious rituals!
Bhagat Singh, after having read Marxism was way ahead! Present economic, social, political order is converting our youths in ignorant, superstitious lots for obvious reasons!
There is no need to take pride in our logical heritage but must understand the need of hour, it is definitely not becoming philistine & burden on the society!
“In striking contrast to the mysticism and asceticism of the prevailing religion, the Indian materialists denied the existence of god, the soul and the idea of retribution (“Karma”). This school was alone in the whole gamut of Indian thought that rejected the transmigration of souls.Instead, the predominant feature of Lokayata was a healthy and cheerful hedonism. Against the perspective of a never-ending cycle of life and death with the prospect of an eventual spiritual liberation, Carvaka ethics urged each individual to seek his or her pleasure here and now. “As long as you live, live life to the fullest,” said Charvaka. “After death, the body is turned to ashes. There is no re-birth.” These words, so full of love for humanity and life, are strikingly reminiscent of the life-enhancing philosophy of Epicurus.With great courage, and also with a lively sense of humour, the Carvaka materialists mocked religious ceremonies, saying that they were invented by the Brahmans (the priestly caste) to ensure their livelihood. When the Brahmans defended animal sacrifices by claiming that the sacrificed beast goes straight to heaven, the members of the Carvaka asked why the Brahmans did not kill their aged parents to speed them on their way to heaven!”