Russian FM Lavrov reminds USA of war crimes in Yugoslavia! Full post

A very good reminder to the American citizens and those world citizens who are still under impression that America is a democratic country and it cares for the world peace!

True face of American imperialism is not limited to the Yugoslav mutilation but the very fact that US & UK have not missed a single year after 2nd WW, when they did not attack a sovereign nation! They have murdered more than 150 millions of people in that! And all this to capture their market, natural wealth & public property!

The imperialist capitalism has not only captured the world market & the people but even their minds through their controlled media, the rulers of the respective countries, educational institutions, Social Media paid trolls and all other conceivable means!

Why there are voices of dissent, mass protest against their rulers & US hegemony! Friend, its hunger, mass unemployment & degradation of human values! That forces us, the working class, peasants to think, study, interact among ourselves, unite and revolt!

This is not sufficient to defeat the rotten 500 years old dying capitalism! We have to prepare to take over the power and defeat the reactionary! If needed, by force! #Socialism