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Why the World Can’t Rest: The Petrodollar

Why the World Can’t Rest: The Petrodollar

Gaddafi died trying to get rid of the Petrodollar with the plan to introduce his own gold dinar currency for trading oil. Now China, Russia, India, Turkey & co. are planning to trade in their own currencies and coincidentally these countries get in big trouble recently…


A perpetual state of war is the norm in 2016. Enemies are popping up everywhere: first the Taliban and Al-Qaida, now ISIS – the Islamic State. These are but a few of the ‘enemies’ appearing from nowhere – threatening our freedoms and “our way of life.”


But have you really considered and contemplated the true meaning of this ‘way of life?’ What is it that ties us to the War on Terror, the invasions on Iraq, Afghanistan; the unwavering U.S.-Saudi partnership (remember the 9/11 attacks – they were mainly Saudi men responsible) …why wasn’t Saudi Arabia invaded?…

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