The US has around 800 military bases in other countries, which costs an estimated $100 billion annually, a number that could be much higher depending on whether you count the bases still open in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is according to American University professor David Vine in his forthcoming book Base Nation, in which he seeks to quantify the financial, environmental, and human costs of keeping these bases open.

Bases around the world.

The word “base” is a broad term that captures all sorts of military posts, stations, camps, forts, etc. around the globe. The Pentagon specifics that a “base site” is any geographic location that is “owned by or leased to, or otherwise possessed” by the military.

Monopoly or imperialist USA is spreading its wing in India, its long dream but Congress was slow, BJP is fast!

Wonder, why Indian middle class pseudo intelligentsia is clapping? Mental slavery, ‘fan’ of private property, ‘desire’ for self destruction through war and terrorism, ‘feels’ happy with this ‘right’ ideology?