Very good point brought out by the author! Unite & resit against this unjust! But friends, think bit lateral! Present economic, social pathetic conditions of Crores of the working class, peasants is not due shortage of wealth created by them, but due appropriation of that wealth by the bourgeois class and their henchmen!
Fighting, after the production is completed & appropriated by the very few, is meaningless! Control the means of production, means of subsistence, all natural wealth of the nation, public property! They belong to you! Demolish the base of inequality, unemployment, superstition!
Stop giving the example of failed USSR; Capitalism is more than 500 years old, diseased, failed and close to graveyard! We need to unite & bury the present to let the birth of a new society; free of all forms of exploitation; take place! If not normal, due resistance of the old, caesarean is must!
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