Police officer Aziz Cheema told reporters he had said in his report that no evidence was found that Draz committed “treason”.
Further, the working class, peasants of Pakistan must understand that the present constitution is extension of imperialist UK and that is meant to look after the propertied class and not them!
Unite to overthrow present rule of capital, religious rogues for a real people’s democracy, where there is no need of law of sedation, forced by earlier master British, no religiosity, no national chauvinism, in name of opposing India!
Don’t get divided by the parasites, filthy criminals & corrupts, who are ruling you, due your ignorance & disunity! #Socialism
More on TOI, link:- http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/sports/off-the-field/Virat-Kohlis-Pakistani-fans-bail-plea-dismissed/articleshow/51054768.cms