Its not Jumla! “….  from tax waiver for three years, ending inspector raj (No inspection of new concerns for 3 years to safeguard the interests of labour! ) and a mega fund — to help boost the start-up eco-syst..”! Its outright control of capitalist class over our natural resources, market & public fund, created by our working class and peasants over decades and state itself!
Slaves are clapping with heart choked, eyes filled with tears as if something new is happening! When this ruling class was weak economically, post independence, Nehru/Patel as part of Congress vision, helped them grow with all admin, economic assistance, protecting them against foreign MNCs competition, building railways, road, power, giving them loan! When powerful enough, same Congress, under MMS and BJP’s Vajpayee started open loot in name of ‘Reform” and now the world over, after the longest economic recession, since 2008, these henchmen are busy in “reforms” to exploit the working class maximum; legally and illegally!
Nothing is new as far as nature of plunder is concerned, except that it has accelerated, for the bestial lust of profit!
Its not these financiers, capitalists, parasites, their political & religious puppets who will help the people, farmers to grow but exploit them even more for the profit!
Since independence the GDP has grown more than 55% but the poverty has risen; only white money is calculated!
We need to socialise the national property in all forms; land, mines, water, factories, banks, etc, to bring them under the control of the people, end the rule of parasites for a just society, for people’s democracy!! For Scientific Socialism!!