Juvenile Justice Bill was passed on 22 December in RS and is a law now and all political parties, women’s NGOs, individuals are patting their backs as if this is the end of crime as far as children are concerned, by punishing them!!

Why a child or an adult of 16 to 18 years age gets into a heinous crime? What has made his mind into such criminality?
It is the present society, whose motif force to march ahead is profit! It is argued, the man will become idle if he is not working for profit; while the reality is that 99% people work for wage and not profit for the rest 1% capitalists, who hold all means of production, including national natural & public wealth through state and various machineries!
This has created huge unemployment, poverty, ignorant and superstition, crime and corruption. These children commit crime rather being in school, play ground and gym.
Who is to be blamed? Will punishing them, either for curing them or revenging them or as deterrent against other juvenile crime succeed? No, we need to change the base, which is giving birth to criminals, be child or youth!