We all had enough time to ponder and learn lessons, since 2012 JLPB movement! Even the split of AAP is behind us! Linking 1977 might be helpful in adding up our lessons!

RTR was point of departure of 1977 JP movement, where RTW got added, as its main soul, but sooner the Congress was defeated, the other factions of Capitalist rulers, stabbed the mass! Now, the JLPB, thought to be the backbone of ‘revolution’, where Swaraj, too, caught up the mass imagination! Delhi MLAs hiked their pay & perks, without going to mass for their ‘permission’! RIP revolution!

Incidentally, there is another lesson from the past movements! All movement leadership did talk of “System Change” but what actually they meant by this phrase is still unknown except the few leaders!!

Same state and machineries, like judiciary/police/bureaucracy was to continue! Constitution amendment was limited to JLPB! Crony capitalism was to be fought, capitalism was to be preserved, cleaned; yet the leaders and their middle class rejected any ‘ism’, as if this was the latest fashion!

If, we are really looking to change system, look at the base of evil, that is, production and not at how products are being exchanged in society, how much extra taxes ought to be levied, how corruption in field of ‘circulation’ or exchange is taking place and how to ‘curb’ them! Production system breeds evils, inequality, unemployment, and even ignorance,  which grows in exchange! Fight here!