I am not fan of Aamir Khan or for that matter I am opposed to any personality cult!

Aamir Khan may be a very good actor, as it seems from his huge success in movies and otherwise but politically, socially, economically he is part of that progressive section of society who wish to save, modify or beautify Capitalism (Like AAP) and increase its longevity as much as possible, as they are the big beneficiaries, themselves!

Present attack on his right to speak for himself or for the mankind and against intolerance is unjustified by any logic! Capitalism, in its last leg of its over stretched life is hiring goons in addition to state & its machineries to save itself, suffering from incurable disease, namely, Recession!

Goon’s tested & successful tools are religion & nationalism! Only the working class & peasants are capable of dislodging these paid, bloody parasites from the back of hard pressed humanity!

Our immediate task is to unite with all revolutionaries, progressive forces to defeat the fascists on all fronts, as part of our main goal, that is, defeat Capitalism!!