Kenneth O’Keefe: Well, I think if you really want to know the truth about the invasion in Iraq, there are clearly some incentives from the invasion: oil, securing oil was one of them, establishing prominent military bases in the region was another one, but the far less talked about reality is Israeli plans which made clear that the Balkanization of surrounding countries and particularly Iraq, if we go to Odid Yinon’s plan for Israel in the 1980s, it lays out very clearly a strategy of destabilizing all of the areas surrounding Israel, this includes Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and even Egypt and Saudi Arabia. This long-term goal is a part of a Greater Israel project, so in terms of sectarian divide you see happening in Iraq today it’s actually all part of the very well designed plan to try and secure this fantasy goal of the Greater Israel project.

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Very correct! In our capacity, we must understand the fact, how this war monger works for big arm dealers, oil corporates and other monopoly capitalists! Obama, had certain qualities, like, speech, rhetoric, jingoism and was ‘selected’ by the masters to lead American Imperialism! Obama is obedient servant and is working loyally for the masters!

If we agree to this, next is our understanding the other world leaders, specially the 3rd world, are queuing up to this man, no the American Finance Capital, to ‘invest’ in their respective markets to extract maximum from their own working class, with share to MNCs, FDIs!

So, our task to identify the original enemy is easy, enemy abroad and at home! Unite to destroy the enemy!