So, the democracy gives right to celebrate for a criminal or murderer but an artist or writer is murdered as he has no democratic rights! This democracy does not give you right to eat what you want, dress what you chose, even think what you may consider!!
War is launched by the capitalist class; with their agents and paid goons, who are in streets; against the working class & peasants, who are fighting for their rights, for basic subsistence for survival!
The parasites have many weapons, like religion, caste, fake nationalism, even state power with police, judiciary, bureaucracy, huge amount of money; while the working class, the creator of all social wealth, has only revolutionary ideology and unity!
We still have political parties, who are luring mass to join them in cleaning capitalism, wash its backyard, full of blood & sweat of working class, which it devours every day, every minute!
Comrades, its time to realise the truth, truth of class war, truth of our huge majority, more than 90%, truth of our ideology, which is scientific and much superior than that of capitalism, older than 500 years, rotten and at the fag end of its life!
We are at historic stage, where defeat of capitalism does not create another exploiting society, another two warring classes but a new Socialist society, free of class and exploitation, free of wage slavery!
This task, to start revolution and complete it, needs our sacrifices, don’t shirk away, join and be part of the whole, that leads us to a new just society!