Post on TOI on 15 Nov, 2015!!

Will RSS/BJP/VHP supporters ‘use’ their savings to boost economy?
Our products ‘need’ is reducing in world market due recession, true, but what about in our own home market?
Our saving ‘habits’ cause for slow down or our dwindling purchasing power as a whole? Rising unemployment, inflation, losing money in Stock Exchanges and other betting centres, rising taxes all-round, etc?
Yes, expenditure of government has risen tremendously, in keeping Jumla standard high, personal whims and fancies of Corporates’ henchmen, middlemen, puppets, agents, ministers, MPs/MLAs! But, major share of proceeds from exploitation of working class and peasants is going to big Capital ‘managers’, being accumulated, going out of circulation to accelerate crisis!!
Beware of these Capital’s agents, charlatans! #Socialism