By Dennis Etler

One on the classic US mantras from the War in Vietnam was “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” But in actuality the US has been following the dictum, “We have to destroy the country in order to save it,’ ever since WW2, first in Korea, then SE Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. And using terrorists to do their dirty work is nothing new either. US Imperialism has used paramilitary death squads and drug cartels in Latin America, fascists and Nazis in Europe, xenophobic goons in SE Asia and Islamist terrorists in the Middle East and elsewhere to wreck havoc and fish in troubled waters, all with the intent to maintain its global hegemony. All these murderous cut-throat assassins amount to the same thing, stormtroopers for the Empire.

The US and its NATO, Israeli and Saudi allies are rogue states. They have defied the UN and shredded its charter. If the world should sanction anyone it is them not those trying to safeguard their national sovereignty. Only with the total defeat of US Imperialism will the world’s nations be set free to develop in peace and security.

My comment: To destroy the dictatorship of imperialism, we need another dictatorship, dictatorship of majority, dictatorship of working class in alliance with peasants! In other words, it will be a true democracy, as the majority will rule and the present rule of few, via Private Property will be abolished and as the minority elite will cease to exist, after the socialisation of all known wealth, the need of dictatorship of a class too will cease, as the society will be class less, exploitation free!