Sanatan Sanstha and many other organisations, even including Taliban, ISIS are not spontaneous product of some knowledgeable & pious people or crowd but are aided by governments and its shady agencies, with money, weapons, legal protections, media, etc!
Why these ‘elected’ governments, political parties do so? In fact state, its machineries, its henchmen are not independent bodies but are puppets of big Corporations, be it USA or India!

Murder of this Muslim man, by rumours that he was eating beef! This was announced by loud speaker & crowd was ‘arranged’, broke open the grill, protecting the door and was beaten to death!
Still, but why, why such incidence may occur? Capitalism has hit its end of life, after 500 years of its age and yet, it wants to continue its act, act of growing  by way of sucking working class, peasants’ labour! Who are the enemies of capitalism? Naturally, the exploited mass, the majority of people and their unity, the revolutionary ideologies, which if grasped by these toiling masses, no one can stop revolution and capitalism will see its death immediately!
So, here lies the “secret”! Capital and all its pillars, must work to create ignorance, superstition among the masses, religiosity, casteism, national chauvinism, the tested weapons of ruling class since ages, to destroy the revolutionary ideology, break unity of working class! If this does not suffice, remember, fascism is next step, and millions of workers, fighting for emancipation, to end capitalism will be murdered by the police and army!
Beware, awake, understand the hidden truth, acquaint yourself with the revolutionary ideologies, unite and fight for the overthrow of present system, which breeds not only unemployment, inflation, crime, corruption but also ignorance, slavery and superstition!
Any reform in present system, capitalism is treachery to the mass, suffering working class, peasants! #Socialism is only answer for a just society!!