What is Digital India? An infrastructure, needed by Capitalists to promote their business, exploit working class by reducing cost of Fixed Capital!
Even, while creating infrastructure, there is a huge scope of profit; like building Railway Tracks, Airports, Heavy machineries, Ports, etc in Independent India!
However, for a country, which cannot afford to build such structures and in any case not by the emerging capitalists, who lacked capital & even technology, need help of state or foreign MNCs!
This help came in form of Nehruvian “Socialism”, which had nothing to do with Scientific ‪#‎Socialism‬! When, Indian Capitalists grew, they demanded so called “Reform” to plunder the Public Property!
Digital India is nothing but same old ‘drama’ to plunder hard earned property of working class, peasants to “aid” & gift the masters, capitalists free by their agents, puppets, henchmen!
They will also mint money in making so called Digital India, where 79% people are starving!