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From this article- “These days western governments and their ‘inspired’ journalists, if one can call them journalists, don’t worry about ‘tendentious’ argument when it comes to blackening the Russian Federation. It’s anything goes. Should we let them equate the roles of the USSR and Nazi Germany for starting World War II? Certainly not. It was Hitler who intended war, and the French and British, especially the British, who repeatedly played into his hands, rejecting Soviet proposals for collective security and pressuring France to do the same,”

Truth must prevail for the unity & rise of the working class! A true human society is not far away from #Socialism, since it has traversed from the days it lost “Primitive Communism” to a society based on class and “Private Property”

Humanity did achieve a Soviet but lost due treachery of Khrushchevites, Titoites & Trots! Lets be with the truth, with the history for the future, unite with the revolutionary class, the working class for an exploitation free society!!