Extract from the interview of K S Bhagawn to Economics Times on 15th Sept.
Q Why are you aganst the GITA ?
Ans. I am reading old things and seeing them with new eyes. In the Bhagaved Gita , chapter 9, shloka 32, Krishna says every one is a sinner, other then Brahmins and Kshatriys. All women including Brahmins ones, non- Brahminsand all Vaishyas are sinner. how we can agree to this? The Shweatashvada Upanishad, which came earlier , says every one is the chaild of nectar. Vivekananda interpreted this and said it is a sin to call anyone sinner. So such thoughts in the Gita should be criticised , rejected and taken out . I stand by this. There are certainly some good things in the Gita. But there are very dangerous elements. Krishna says he created the chatur varna , the cast system. So that means he created upper casts and lower casts. How can we call the Bhagwat Gita a great book in this context ?