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Biharis as labours, creating wealth for capitalists all over India! Be in Kapasheda, Mumbai, Calcutta, Surat, etc, they defecate, bathe, eat with families in same room! If bathroom exists, there is long queue for them!
Not only Biharis but workers of India along with peasants are by and large in same conditions!
All Vultures want blood and flesh! They have descended with billions of money, liquor, paid crowd, trolls on Social Media, goons, etc to lure and force them to vote one of the faction of “Same Ruling Class”!!
Least is expected from the middle class philistines, who like veterans voted BJP & now fasting at Jantar Mantar! Earlier people voted Congress and many other regional or “Plotted” parties!
GDP(Progress?) rose by more than 55 times(Only white money calculated) since independence, population less than 5 times, yet poverty rose!
Election has turned out to be farce as far as working class and peasants are concerned! It only for very few big elite class with some of their henchmen and parasites!
Think! Is there no alternate? Shall we remain wage labours, with pink slips hanging on neck, that too with minimum wages, which doesn’t provide enough to live different than animals?