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No NSA-level talks if subject deviates from terrorism, Sushma Swaraj says

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Utter lack of consistent foreign policy on behalf of GOI, since Independence, as it remained puppet of USA/USSR and vacillating! Remember, the way Indira Gandhi went gaga on USSR and later Vajpayee on USA, where his letter to permit India to form pact against China was not only made open by USA but India had to retreat shamefully!
Now, Modi has stooped so low to USA to please Obama and Ambani/Adani, that one wonders if India knows meaning of Sovereignty!
Problem of Indo-Pak can not be solved by the leaders of these 2 countries, as they thrive, get votes and VVIP life on our rifts! Our fight, death of soldiers and hate mongering is their life line, bread and butter!
On top of that imperialists do not want the world to remain in peace as their arm sells will cease, the source of super profit and hegemony!