Modi lacks will power!! Please shed this appraisal! He is very strong willed to serve the interests of capital and that is why he is choosen by the capitalists! Do you remember, his first action, after grabbing the power? He changed the law to free the owner of capital, that is Ambani, from the FIR against him by 49 days AAP government!

Now he has murdered more than 40 laws favouring labour and hell bound to make Land Acquisition Bill stronger to favour capital against the peasants!   This strategy; using national chauvinism, religiosity, personality cult; is old and tested by the rulers world over to keep the hungry working class divided and confused!

Solution is not exposing individual’s rhetoric but his affiliation to a class interest, strategy and exploitation! On the other hand, we must explain the working class and the peasants their own class interests, unite to defeat the class enemy by grabbing the state power and socialising the means of production, means of subsistence for once and for ever!

Modi as individual, will be discarded by capital, once his use value is over; that is once he loses his charm over mass, who are enduring miseries all over, in fact world over.

Be sure of your goal and then path! #Socialism